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Zephyr was a Republic of Gorasnaya submarine commanded by Commander Miran Trescu during the Pendulum Wars and the Locust War.


Pendulum Wars[]

UIR Third Fleet[]

The Zephyr was part

Zephyr returning to Branascu to refuel.

of the UIR Third Fleet, acting as a vanguard to the Third Fleet surface ships. At the coast of the Ostri Republic, Zephyr and the Third Fleet was dispatched towards the city of Bonbourg in which a battle took place between the naval vessels of the UIR and the army of the COG.

As an attack submarine, Zephyr chose to remain submerged as the surface ships did most of the heavy work in bombarding COG positions. However, Miran Trescu soon picked up a large explosion in the surface, destroying four naval vessels of the Third Fleet. Trescu was forced to pull back the Zephyr. Trescu would soon learn that the destruction of the Third Fleet was due to the newly aquired Hammer of Dawn satellites from the COG.

After E-Day[]

Fighting the Stranded[]

The Zephyr was used to kill the pirate Darrel Jacques and the rest of his crew on the gunship Trader V with a torpedo.

Tracking the Chairman[]

After Chairman Richard Prescott left Vectes, the Zephyr tracked the Chairman's boat as it headed southwest to a rendezvous point. After it stopped, Zephyr waited an hour for another vessel to come into contact, however none did. After searching the vessel, no one was found on board, and Zephyr towed the boat back to Vectes.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Zephyr is externally similar to smaller attack submarines of Earth. The particular case seems to be Project 877 Paltus (NATO classification: Kilo) Soviet diesel-electric submarines, due to the turned-down aft section. The "sail" superstructure is slightly more similar to nuclear-powered designs, such as Projects 705 (Alpha) and 731 (Akula), bent as opposed to straight.
  • Zephyr was named after one of the Greek gods from the four cardinal winds, Zephyrus, the west wind.
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