The Zealot was a ferocious Locust Kantus unleashed upon the Coalition of Ordered Governments during the early years of the Locust War.

The lead scientist of the Locust Horde, Ukkon, harnessed the power of Imulsion to build his army. Resulting experiments with the Locust Kantuses led to the creation of the deadly Zealot.

These enhanced Kantuses formed the fierce and unrelenting front-line of Ukkon's army.

Strategy[edit | edit source]


Each Zealot wore an injection harness that delivered a continual flow of Imulsion into their bodies, amplifying the power of their attacks and granting them increased resilience and strength.

Like their unpowered brethren, these Kantuses heal and buff surrounding Locusts with the added durability enhancements and toxic explosion upon death. As such, they should be the first to be targeted and eliminated as a combined Zealot and Disciple duo is a dangerous combination indeed.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Like the Disciple, it is unknown why Ukkon decided to inject Imulsion into the Locust, given the fact that the threat of Lambency was widely known amongst the Horde by the time Gears Tactics took place. Injecting these Locusts with a mutagenic organism that infects the host against their own kind, seems counterproductive to the Locust Horde.
    • It's possible Ukkon was attempting to replicate or even enhance his own unique ability into the Locust's forces, using Imulsion.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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