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"Are you with me?"
"No, Richard, I'm afraid I'm not.
—Deschenko, turning down Richard Prescotts request for a joint strike against the Locust

Premier Yori Deschenko was the leader of Pelles and the Union of Independent Republics during the last years of the Pendulum Wars. After surrendering to the Coalition of Ordered Governments, Deschenko was allowed to keep his title, and led Pelles during the Locust War until his death in the Hammer of Dawn Strikes.


Surrendering to the COG[]

"Millions of civilians would die."
"Millions already have.
—Deschenko and Dalyell, after Dalyell threatened to use the Hammer of Dawn on UIR cities

Chairman Dayell calling Yori to talk about terms of surrender.

Photograph of Deschenko announcing the beginning of peace talks. Taken from the Vasgari Corisku Newspaper.

By the 80th year of the Pendulum Wars, Deschenko was in charge of the Union of Independent Republics and was the Premier of Pelles, three years after the Coalition of Ordered Governments stole the Hammer of Dawn technology from Aspho Point. Chairman Tomas Dalyell of the COG contacted him and offered him a chance to surrender or risk severe consequences. Deschenko called his bluff and refused to surrender, and the COG deployed the Hammer for the first time against the UIR Third Fleet outside of Bonbourg. Deschenko was called by Dalyell two days later, and threatened to target the cities of the UIR if he didn't surrender. Deschenko told him that millions of civilians would die, but Dalyell retorted that millions already had. Rather than risk such a massive loss of life, Deschenko signed a ceasefire with the COG, which some units in Furlin believed to be fake until word spread among the UIR command.[1]

The Republic of Gorasnaya refused to honor Deschenko's order to cease fighting, and continued waging war against the COG. After Gorasni troops mutinied and tried to launch the UIR's own Hammer of Dawn satellite program, Deschenko allowed the COG to attack OZP-11 with a Lightmass Missile to stop them.[2] After the Armistice between the UIR and COG was signed, Deschenko was allowed to keep his title and position as head of state of Pelles, which was now under COG administration.[1]

End of the World[]

One year after Emergence Day, Deschenko had command over at least twenty brigades of Gears but lost nearly all of them defending Ostri Republic against the Locust. After he ordered the retreat from Ostri, he had many refugees attempting to cross the Ostri-Pelles Border. Deschenko received a call from Chairman Richard Prescott, asking him to join forces for a strike against the main Locust sinkholes, and to use his country's store of chemical weapons against the Locust. Deschenko refused, believing that it would be useless, and attempted to hold out against the Locust, while saving his chemical weapons for the "endgame", since they would kill both Locust and humans.[3] Shortly before the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, as Pelles was overun and collapsing, Deschenko called Prescott, and called him an "evil, murdering, genocidal bastard" for ordering the strike.[4] It is assumed that Deschenko was either killed by the Locust, or in the Hammer attack.

Personality and Traits[]



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