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The Whale Fish was a large whale-like fish regularly fished by humans on Sera.

These fishes are found either in the light zone or twilight zone in the Serano Ocean. Whale Fish can be found hung and butchered in the Riftworm Village.[1]

Whale Fish as their name suggests, often rival whales and other cetaceans in size. Their large and bulbous eyes, helps them to detect predators in a 180 degree field of vision when they are young and vulnerable.[2]

The blind subspecies.

However, once they reach maturity, the Whale Fish have very little natural predators save perhaps, for the much larger Leviathan.

These fish are plankton feeders, lacking any teeth but a gaping maw to suck in gallons of plankton. However, a blind subspecies can also be found. These blind subspecies have teeth and are far more predatory. Due to this, the blind subspecies only inhabit the Midnight zone in the Serano Ocean. They also have hard, bony growths, it is unknown what they are use for.[3]

They are gentle giants and pose no harm to humans, although their large size may accidentally harm a careless diver.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • They are a reference to real-world Whale Sharks.
  • The blind subspecies may have a larger sensory organ to compensate for the lack of eyes.



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