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Whales found butchered in Riftworm Village.

A Whale is a large cetacean marine mammal that migrate through and around Sera's oceans including the Serano Ocean.

The majority of Whales are peaceful baleen whales which are plankton feeders. They are not to be confused with the Whale Fish, although they both share the same niche.

Due to their large size, adult Whales have little to no predators save for the Leviathan which often approach their size and sometimes exceed them.[1] The young are vulnerable from predation however, often falling victim to shark attacks like the Serano Shark.

Despite the Hammer of Dawn Strikes decimating Sera's biodiversity, a few species of Whales have survived.[2]

Whales are often used as a food sources via whaling. While their meat can feed an entire village, Whales also produce valuable blubber which can be converted into oil to be used in multiple products. Two Whales are seen slaughtered and butchered in the Riftworm Village.[3]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Whales are often found hung and butchered. Two corpses can be found on Riftworm Village and one can be found hooked in Gears of War 4's alliteration of Old Town. It is unknown what they look like.



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