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The Weilehan Raft was a hand cranked catamaran boat that used the hulls of Gondolas as a source of flotation. Used by the Weilehans as an ancient way to transport children who would complete their rite of passage called the Awakening via facing off against the Wakaatu, the Raft acts as the only means necessary to traverse the tight tropical rivers and bogs towards the Wakaatu Nest.[1]

The boat was made of thick and sturdy wood from the trees of Pahanu as well as metal such as steel plating to better protect the vehicle from any underwater hazards. The catamaran was a wide boat, easily capable of transporting more than a dozen passengers through and from the Nest. What is interesting is the presence of what seems to be a hand cranked engine. By activating a lever, the sailor in charge could start-up the raft and navigate the waters. What the boat is powered by is unknown, but given its remoteness and the presence of a roped pulley system at its stern, it is likely that this hand cranked system is done via ropes, gears and pulleys which gives it tensile energy.[1]

Another interesting note is that the boat has autopilot, heavily indicating that such a system is a recent implementation.


Mission to the Wakaatu Nest[]

During the Mission to the Wakaatu Nest, Team Scorpio discovered an ongoing firefight between the DeeBees of Vulture 144B and the Swarm in Pahanu. Using this distraction, they did a surprise ambush on the Swarm, easily killing them. Once the fighting subsided, they discovered that they were on a ancient Weilehan river port with a docked Weilehan Raft. Team Scorpio proceeded to use the raft to traverse to the nest where they fought off several Swarm ambushes and even two Leech Flocks before they were chased off from the screech of the Wakaatu. Once they have reached their destination, Team Scorpio disembarked the boat to continue on with their mission.[1]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The fight corridor event on the raft is similiar to that of the Reaction Ferry back in Gears of War 1.


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