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Watery Grave is the sixth chapter of the fourth act of Gears of War 3.


After finding a submarine at the dock, you and your squad head for Azura. It is very peaceful at first, so you don't need to worry about anything yet. After a while, Manglers start showing up around the submarine, but you can't shoot at them yet. Suddenly, they start attacking you, and you need to fend them off while Dizzy tries to get the submarine into some vegetation to lose them. After holding off a large group of Manglers, it gets peaceful briefly. Suddenly, a Leviathan attacks the ship, and you need to delay it while Dizzy tries to get the submarine away from it.

You reach a sunken city area that is filled with COG mines to prevent anyone from sneaking into Azura. With the Leviathan on you, you need to destroy the mines too, otherwise the damage will cause the submarine to sink. Once you get past the city area, the Leviathan attacks from above, but then gets stuck on a rock arch. Destroy the arch so the rocks can collapse on the Leviathan, killing it.

The submarine then gets caught in a strong current, but with enough effort, Dizzy gets the submarine out of the current. After reaching a quiet place, COG missiles (from an unknown area, but has the same purpose as the mines), start attacking the submarine. Destroy the missiles and destroy all of the turrets launching them, you'll then find the main door. Blast it and destroy the last torpedoes and turrets, and after reaching a final point, you've entered Azura.


There are no collectibles in this mission, as you are on a submarine's Fletchette guns.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Welcome To -redacted-" achievement.
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