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Wardens were a type of Swarm Scion that wielded dual Breaker Maces, made from the Locust crystal shells. The Wardens were vanguards of the Swarm, and their presence was often a sign that the Swarm was planning to turn a location into a new Hive.

While most Scions had shed a majority of their impenetrable chrysalis, Wardens still retained most of their chrysalis shells, making them almost completely immune to gunfire - except for their heads, which were the only parts of their bodies that had shed the crystal shells. As a result, Wardens typically wear bullet-resistant helmets. Fortunately, the helmets can be knocked off by bullets and explosives.

Despite being almost impervious to ballistic damage - save for their vulnerable heads - Wardens are vulnerable to explosives such as Frag Grenades and Boomshots, shock damage from a Shock Grenade, fire from an Incendiary Grenade, the blinding effects of a Flashbang, the freezing effect from Cryo Cannons, and the blunt force of a Breaker Mace.


Siege of Riftworm VillageEdit

One Warden was seen in the last moments in the siege of Riftworm Village attacking several Outsiders. He was later possessed by Kait and was used to attempt to protect the Village Chief Oscar Diaz and the remaining Outsiders, but fails when the Warden snaps out of her control and executes Oscar. It was presumed in which the Warden was killed when the Swarm assault forces had been vanquished.

Return to New HopeEdit

After Kait, Del and JACK arrived at New Hope to find evidence of Kait's visions, the pair encountered a Warden outside the main building and engaged Delta in an intense battle. The Warden was killed after being shot in the head multiple times.



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