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"What the hell is that?"
"Jinn's overreaction!
Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker, whilst being pursued by a Vulture

The Vulture was a large fixed wing, four-engine turboprop military aircraft employed by the Coalition of Ordered Governments in the post-Locust War era. It was one of the largest heavier-than-air aircraft of the COG and was so big, it rivaled the seaships of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy and engineering landships such as the Mammoth in size. Similar to the Condor, the Vulture was not only capable of deploying DeeBees from the air, but also functioned as a bomber and assault aircraft. It was armed with firebombs and a total of six machine gun turrets mounted on its wings. Its rear primary engines and wing-mounted secondary engines were vulnerable to small arms fire, and opening the cargo bay door would expose its vital engine core.


Interwar Period[]

The Vulture was developed from the Condor transport aircraft some time after its introduction between 17 A.E. and 42 A.E.

Outsider Movement[]

Assault on the Stroud Estate[]

During the Assault on the Stroud Estate, First Minister Mina Jinn sent a Vulture to stop the fleeing JD Fenix, Marcus Fenix, Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker who were on Track Mules. After the Outsiders kept dodging its DeeBee forces and firebombs, the Vulture came in close to the road to attack directly with its wing-mounted guns. However, this made it vulnerable to attack with the four Outsiders targeting the aircraft's weapons and engines. Once its rear ramp was lowered, the Vulture's engine core became exposed to attack, allowing the Outsiders to destroy it. The Vulture crashed and JD, Marcus, Kait and Del rode their Track Mules up and over the wreckage as they escaped the DeeBee assault.[1]

Swarm Invasion[]

Mission to Orzabal Crater[]

During the Mission to Orzabal Crater, First Minister Mina Jinn sent four Vultures loaded with DeeBees to reinforce JD Fenix and Delmont Walker. The Vultures circled the Swarm Hive in the crater, firing at the Swarm, while their DeeBee payload battled the Swarm inside the crater itself.[2]

Hivebuster Offensive[]

When Colonel Victor Hoffman suggested an operation to destroy Swarm Hives from the inside, First Minister Mina Jinn insisted on the DeeBees being able to handle the Swarm, leading to Hoffman's forced retirement. Hoffman started a rogue operation which included some DeeBee support. Vulture 144B carried the initial DeeBee force to lead the charge into the Sanctum bunker, but went down on Pahanu shortly before Doctor Hana Cole arrived on Galangi. The Vulture contained a data drive with a message from Major Donneld Mathieson to Hoffman on his proposed makeup for Team Scorpio. The data on the drive was accessed remotely after the crash, presumably by Hoffman.[3]

Mission to the Wakaatu Nest[]

During the Mission to the Wakaatu Nest, Team Scorpio came across pieces of wreckage in the Pahanu jungle before finding the wreckage of the Vulture itself. Hana identified it as Vulture 144B and Scorpio decided to try to recruit the DeeBees to their cause. However, as Scorpio attempted to board the Vulture, the DeeBees began attacking due to following their default directive to protect COG property, forcing Scorpio to destroy them instead. Entering the wreckage, Scorpio took down several more DeeBees, though a few remained suspended in their restraints. Opening the rear hatch, Scorpio dispatched more DeeBees outside and collected weapons and supplies before continuing on, discovering several more DeeBees from the crash fighting the Swarm nearby.[3]

Known Vultures[]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • According to The Coalition weapon and vehicle artist Benjamin Day, "the Vulture is an old COG plane re-purposed by the new COG as a troop transport / bomber plane for DB balls and napalm canisters."[4]



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