Ketor Vrol was the High Priest of the Kantus and member of the Locust Council. He served as High Priest during the Lambent War and early Locust War with humanity. Vrol was Queen Myrrah's adviser on all religious matters relating to the Trinity of Worms.


Early LifeEdit

Lambent WarEdit

Ketor Vrol, took Apostate Skorge as his apprentice. He had Skorge pushed to the limits of what he could achieve within the church. By inhaling Imulsion fumes, Apostate Skorge was given "prophetic visions" that the Locust Horde would fall if they continued to fight the Lambent and remain in the Hollow. Ketor Vrol's apprentice Skorge was enlisted in Vold RAAM's plan to give the Lambent a crushing victory to convince Queen Myrrah to evacuate to the surface. Skorge's visions gave him some direction to return to the Temple and professed his vision of the Temple being assaulted by the Lambent to Ketor Vrol. Vrol did not belive Skorge's visions at the time of his explanation to the High Priest. After Skorge had failed to convince Ketor Vrol to aid the Bloodied Vanguard, a horde of Lambent then procceeded to attack the temple. Ketor Vrol then realized that Skorge was indeed telling the truth about the assault and after some later persuasion, Ketor Vrol allowed Skorge, RAAM, and Karn to attend to the Queen's Council. At the Council, Ketor Vrol spoke on behalf of the validity of Skorge's visions and the tactical approach of Vold RAAM, that the Hollow will fall to the Lambent and the Locust must colonize the surface.

Locust WarEdit


Little is known about Vrol's death. Although it is presumed he died during a period in the early Locust War.

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