"Alex, get the hell back here!"
— Vince, as Sgt.Alex Brand climbs atop of some rubble to reach a sniper position

Vince was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army and a member of Foxtrot.



Vince talking to Marcus over the coms.

Assisting Delta-OneEdit

During a battle against the Locust, Vince and Foxtrot were assigned to help Delta-One clear an area of Locust forces. They cleared out a grub hole, and moved on to another street. However, when Delta passed by the supposedly clear area, they came under attack. Cpl.Dominic Santiago called Vince over the radio, and he and Sgt.Alex Brand came running to their assistance. When they arrived, they found a sniper team had Delta pinned down, but were unable to reach the snipers because of Tickers, and they had no grenades. However, Alex climbed on top of some rubble, and jumped onto the building with the sniper nest. She shot the Tickers, setting off a chain reaction that killed the snipers. Vince then joined Delta as they waited for Alex, and was amused when Dom thought that Alex was a guy. When Alex was transferred to Delta for a mission to the city of Jilane, Vince stayed in Foxtrot.[2]


Vince wearing his unique helmet

Personality and TraitsEdit

  • Vince had a distinctive scar across his face, and a goatee.[2]
  • Vince is the only Gear with his kind of COG Armor and helmet.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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  • Vince's name is never stated. But after being asked Joshua Ortega said that in the script his name was Vince. [3]



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