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Map of Vectes island.

Vectes was an island in the Lesser Islands chain on Sera. It became home to the Coalition of Ordered Governments after the sinking of Jacinto City at the end of Operation: Hollow Storm. Vectes was on the other side of an abyssal trench from the Seran mainland, which meant that the Locust would be unable to tunnel to the island.[1] This, along with presence of an old COG naval base which would provide infrastructure,[1] made it the ideal choice for a new place for humanity to settle. After repeated attacks during the Lambent Pandemic, the COG were forced to abandon Vectes and disband.


The oval shaped island of Vectes is essentially the crater and rim of an extinct volcano. The seventy kilometre-long crater contained fertile lowlands that were suitable for farming, as well as forests, highlands, and a river. The island had a total area of around five thousand square kilometres.[2] Oilseeds can be found on the island.[3]


Vectes was home to Vectes Naval Base, although it had become mothballed prior to E-Day. The COG settled in the base when they returned to the island in the aftermath of the Sinking of Jacinto City. The main settlement on Vectes was the town of Pelruan, which had been founded to maintain the base.[4] The town had a population of approximately three thousand[5] and the population was self-sufficient.[4] It appears the COG set up their administrative headquarters within the Naval base which effectively became the new COG capital. Eventually the COG was forced to completely abandon the island due to Lambent attacks and incursions into the island.

On the other side of the island, up to one thousand Stranded lived in a small settlement run by a man called Massy. The two settlements were hostile to each other, and the Stranded often raided Pelruan. After the COG arrived on the island and defended the town from a Stranded attack, the settlement was disbanded. It is unknown what happened to the rest of the Stranded in the territory, although they presumably joined other pirate gangs.



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