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The Vasgari Passenger Plane was a model of propeller-driven planes that was used in Vasgar as a form of international travel. These medium-sized passenger planes were one of the mainstays and workhorse for the Vasgar Air International.

The planes were powered by four turboprop engines which made it suitable for take-off and landings given the crimson desert that characterized Vasgar.[1] Normal jet engines would have been vulnerable to sand friction and would have seriously damaged the fan blades and intake engine in the process.


Advert for Vasgar Air International.

Pendulum Wars[]

As the main workhorse for Vasgar's aviation industry, the passenger plane was iconic and often synonymous with Vasgari tourism. As such, it was considered a pride of the Vasgar Air International.

Swarm War[]

Despite advertisements in the Abandoned Airport at the Vasgari Port City, by the time of the Swarm War, not a single one of these passenger planes were found physically.[2] It was possible that during the Locust War, the airport was converted into a military airbase and with it, the replacement of these civilian planes with Khimeras and Transport Helicopters.

Behind the Scenes[]


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