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The Vasgari Cruise Ship was one of the major tourist transportation for the nation of Vasgar. The cruise ship was known to have cross over the polar regions of Sera as indicated by the advertisement posters of Vasgar Air International.[1]

A curious feature of the cruise ship was the presence of funnels, indicating that the cruise ship ran off on either hydrocarbons or steam rather than the more cost effective Imulsion. Given Vasgar's lack of Imulsion resource, it would make sense that the nation-state would have utilized other forms of energy consumption to compensate.


Advert for Vasgari Air International.

Pendulum Wars[]

The cruise ship was one of the major form of tourism for Vasgar's tourist-dependent economy for the Union of Independent Republics.

Its relation with Vasgar Air International is given credence, given the fact that the Unidentified Vasgari port city before the Mutiny at OZP-11 had significant river systems and waterways for which a cruise ship could dock, such as the Harbor Docks.[2]

Of course, after the Lightmass Missile-strike and rapid ecological collapse following the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, rapid desertification dried Vasgar's seabed.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The ship and the advertisement was designed by Alfie Garland, who produced many pieces of 2D art for use in the game.[3]


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