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"It is in the best interest of the region to have a stable and secure Vasgar. For that reason, and that reason alone, the Union of Independent Republics will send a peacekeeping force to provide support and protection for the Vasgari people to enable them to resolve their constitutional crisis without foreign interference."
— Chairman Daniel Vari of the UIR, 62nd year of the Pendulum War

Vasgar was a neutral nation that shared a long border in the north with the COG nation of Kashkur. This long border with Kashkur worried many in the COG, as they believed it could become a new front in the Pendulum Wars. It would be later be occupied by Indie "peacekeepers".[1] Southern Vasgar had a vast infrastructure and a large number of iron mines.[2] The official news agency of the country was Corisku.[3]


Constitutional Crisis and OccupationEdit

In the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars, President Ilim failed to balance the budget and the opposition party, the Unity Party, was going to hold a vote of no confidence. This occurred while the nation was failing to pay its Imulsion bill to a UIR nation south of its border.[4] President Llim would later resign instead of facing the vote, which he knew he would lose. The UIR under Chairman Vari sent troops (known as "peacekeepers") to the strategically located nation. An interim government was formed after the president's resignation. The UIR peacekeepers turned Vasgar into a staging ground for an attack on Kashkur and its vast Imulsion reserves. The COG responded by cutting off Vasgar's Imulsion supply, with the hope of making it difficult for the Indie army to resupply. The acting president of Vasgar issued a protest with the Chairman of the COG that fell on deaf ears.

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