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"You give up a few things, chasing a dream...But I'll never forget all the astounding memories, see you all on the other side. Stay Amazing - Andrew"
—My Farewell Message

Stepping Down as Chief Admin

Well ill be seeing you all later. (Amazing artwork done by MyFantasiWorld!)

Well looking at the title i think you guys already know where this is going. I have been hired by The Coalition Studio as a QA Tester for Campaign, which is crazy and I'm really excited about it! So when you read this ill already be at the studio working. Its honestly pretty hard for me to comprehend this, i don't think its "set in" yet but it will and when it does it will hit me like a boulder believe you me, hahaha.

However...while I'm over the moon about working at TC, there is sadly a few things that i will need to give up. Since I now for for TC i sadly cant edit Gearspedia anymore, along with that i also have to step down as Chief Administrator of Gearspedia. The reason being that i work at TC and am now so heavily associated with the studio, I'm essentially too close to the product now. It really hard for me since i love this place, its like my virtual home and I'm gonna miss editing page on here like crazy and its gonna be hard restoring myself from doing any edits...but in the end you have to give-up a few things chasing a dream.

Im glad i could make a difference on here, this place will always be in my heart...ok yeah that was a bit mushy but i think this situation warrants it. Well ill see you guys on the other side, stay amazing!

Information About Me

...we could have used that metal to craft so many Wood Metal sticks.

"The Lore! Cataloguing, collecting and learning new things about the Gears of War universe lore is my passion. Its why I'm here. The Gears of Lore...yes, yes that will do nicely."

Hi. So i should maybe talk about myself since this is my profile page.

I'm a HUGE fan of Gears of War if you hadn't already guess that. Ive played all the games so many times I've lost count and I've spent hours upon hours reading and then re-reading the novels, comic, art books…etc. I lucky enough that I'm friends with some of writers who have written the various games/novels/comics and that they allow me to ask them questions about various Gears stuff that may not have been shown or getting some clarification on something that was shown/said. So umm lets just say i know my stuff when it comes to Gears.

I'm a huge art enthusiast! I love looking and collecting various pieces of art from my favourite artists. I love collecting original comic art pages, i don;t have any original Gears comic art pages...but hip fully that will be corrected soon! Its a very expensive hobby, probably the second most costly thing i spend my money on..first is Gears merch. I really enjoy reading comic books on a daily basis, currently reading Transformers; More Than Meets The Eye.

I have a very optimistic, positive and outgoing personality, if you need any help with anything just ask me on my talk page and ill try my very best to help you out. But if i find you vandalizing pages or writing nonsense on pages ill ban you so quick you won't know what hit you. I won't tolerate people who don't respect the hard work others have put into this wiki.

Just remember stay classy Gearheads. Thank you for reading.

I am very honoured that Rob mentioned me in the Credits & Acknowledgments section of Kilo Squad: The Survivor's Log. When i saw this i almost choked on the pudding i was eating at the time.

Oh! Oh! One more thing that i almost forgot to say. Just if your wondering or interested my real names not "Sid", it's Andrew. The reason i go by Sid is because most people online use it as a short form for my username Parasidian; its easier to remember, type and say apparently.

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Artwork Done For Me By Friends

Favorite Gears

Favorite pages

Operation Hijack Logo

Operation Hijack Forum Event

—Pvt. Sid after successfully defending Bastille prison from the Locust assault.

Master mind behind the Operation Hijack forum event, members would have to complete challenges to win care-packages given out by Lt. Sid and prisoner Garron Paduk. Author of the cheesy mini Fan-Fiction tie in story Adventures of Private Sid.

Operation Hijack Thread.

Priv...I mean Lieutenant Sid and Garron the prisoner at Bastille.

Played/Read Completely

My Reaper: Sir Melty Face "the Original Canadian Reaper"

Epic Reaper Experience

First and for most i want to say it was truly an honour to be able to use the Epic Reaper. I will never forget this experience!

You can read all about my Reaper experience here: The Memoirs of Sir Melty Face a Canadian Reaper

Pages I've Created

Ive officially lost track of all the pages i have created...Ill try to list as many as i can remember down below. But its fine if i don't get them all, its not a matter of how many i created, all that matters is that they have been created.

Characters Locust & Creatures Vehicles & Equipment Other Pages


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