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"One Gear can make all the differences." -Marcus Fenix.


Welcome to Guthans Ghost Elite userpage!I came to this wiki on November the 18th 2008 or something like that so i am kinda new to this wiki but veteran to other Wikis. I had Gears of war 1 since its release and Gears of war 2.I also play Halo 3 online and i used to play CRYSIS. But 2 weeks ago my Xbox 360 had the 3 red lights of death witch sucked! Also me and my brother are to lazy to repair it or buy a new 360 and my warranty expired. So we are considering a Playstaion 3 because the PS3 has a lesser chance of skewing up and better graphics.We are getting it someday next year and right now we are bored to death. So right now i am sharing my knowledge of gow 1 and 2 till we get our ps3 and start owning in Resistance 1 and 2 with Metal gear solid 4 and Fallout 3. My gamertag is Unleashed SNAKE.You will also find that i am a common on other wikis like Runescape Wiki and Call of duty Wikia as well as Halopedia . Anyway if you didn't notice my name is Richard Do. Look at my halo 3 stats here. and my Gamercard here.


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