This Unidentified female major was stationed at Lakar during the Invasion of Kashkur.


Invasion of KashkurEdit

During the Invasion of Kashkur in 17 B.E., this major was stationed at Lakar, the regional headquarters of the COG army. She was contacted by Lt. Victor Hoffman, who was stationed at Anvil Gate, which was under siege. He informed her that the base's commander had been killed in an Indie attack, along with several others. She told him they would be unable to get them help because of the battle going on at Shavad, but he angrily informed her he didn't need help. Hoffman told her he was merely informing them of the situation in the city, which was getting worse all the time, with excuses being made as to why they were not being reinforced. The major didn't reprimand him for speaking to a superior officer like that, and acknowledged his points. She then asked if he wanted a Pesanga squad to reinforce them, since Captain Sander had requested one. Hoffman told her they could make use of them, so she told him they would get them out to the fort and for him to report back to her in ten hours for an update on the situation.[1]


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