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"Goddamn. What was this thing? It's huge."
"Betcha whatever killed it was bigger.
—Cpl. Keegan and Pvt. Macallister inspecting the creature.

The Unidentified Mammalian Carnivore is one of the many apex superpredators living in the island of Pahanu. Not much is known about this creature other than its skull.

What information can be gleamed from its skull is that this creature was a mammal, as indicated by the remaining patches of dark, black fur still left and its large size. The skull of this animal was as big as a Bloodmount, easily indicating that this beast grew to sizes akin to that of a Brumak or Corpser.

Moreover, the presence of thick canines and mandible indicates a carnivorous diet specializing in breaking bone and ripping apart flesh.

Nevertheless, only its skull and a few pieces of its skeleton was found by the time Team Scorpio reached Pahanu, suggesting that it was not at the top of the food chain and may have fallen victim to the Wakaatu.[1]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Like the Beast of Pahanu, not much is known about this animal other than its remains.
  • The thick and robust mandible and short, thick canines indicates that this animal could crush bone, resembling those of the Hyena or the extinct Hyaenodontids like Megistotherium.


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