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"I thought i was done. The Boogie monsters were gonna get me. I thought i was going to die. But sometimes...sometimes life has other plans for you."
—Jace, recalling the events of him being saved by the two Gear soldiers as a kid on Emergence Day

This Unidentified Gear soldier along with another unidentified Gear saved the life of a very young Jace Stratton by fighting off a Drone squad and a Berserker that were about to kill him on Emergence Day.


Locust WarEdit

Unknown Gears

The two unknown Gears saving Jace's life by killing a Drone and Berserker

Emergence DayEdit

During Emergence Day this unidentified Gear soldier along with another unidentified Gear fought off a squad of Drone's and a Berserker before the locust had a chance to kill a young Jace Stratton. The two Gears unaware of Jace ended up saving the young boys life, but due to them being unaware of his presence left him behind, Jace would later be found by Gregory Wisen.[1]


Jace Stratton would remember the two Gears that saved him as a kid from a Berserker when he came face to face with another Berserker during the Mission to Montevado. Similar to how the two Gears came to save him as a kid, Marcus Michael Fenix came to save him from the Berserker in the sink hole.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This Gear along with the other Gear that saved Jace's life are unnamed, however Joshua Ortega has said that he does have names for the two but that he has yet to reveal them.[3]



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