This Unidentified CO was a Lieutenant in the COG NAVY and the commander of the CNV Scepter.


Investigating the Steady EddieEdit

"A tree. Really. It's some kind of weird tree."
—The CO, reporting what was found aboard the Steady Eddie

While commanding the CNV Scepter on a patrol mission around Vectes, a unidentified ship was detected. This CO ordered the Specter to investigate, and was patched in with Col.Victor Hoffman and Captain Quentin Michaelson to tell them what was happening. He reported a hole in the vessels hull, and once a King Raven arrived to cover them, he sent a team led by PO Hollaster to investigate the ship. He reported back to Hoffman and Michaelson that Hollaster had found blood but no bodies, and some kind of weird tree like thing that had smashed through the hull. Nobody was able to identify it, and Michaelson ordered the CO to tow the vessel to an anchorage outside of the Vectes Naval Base harbor.[2]


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