Unbreakable is the first chapter of the third act of Gears of War 3.


New enemies:

After crashing landing due to Myrrah, Hoffman has rescued you and taken you back to Anvil Gate. The fort is under heavy attack by enemy forces, so head to the front gate after stocking up on your weapons and supplies. Your starting point contains multiple Bolo Grenade spawns, Ammo stashes and two ammo closets (remember, these only hold one weapon in full mag) that have Hammerburst Assault Rifles and Longshots. Once you've picked your weapons, head to the front gate (two paths, lead to same destination, you don't need to pick). There are two Chain Guns outside.

Hold off the enemies, which include Savage Grenadiers initially (and indefinitely). After a short while, Reavers and Grinders will reinforce the Grenadiers. Some Grenadiers will also grapple up to your position, and are armed with shotguns. Continue holding off enemies until the Siegebeast arrives; this is your cue to retreat, as you'll be killed if you don't.

More enemies will rush the fort. Like the first section, Grenadiers are incredibly common, and will be assisted by a few Bloodmounts. After this group is dispersed with, you'll have to deal with waves of Maulers and Grinders. Each wave will always consist of four Maulers and two Grinders. The One-Shot can help in clearing out the Maulers. There are four of these waves, with each wave signified with a blowing horn. If all four waves are dispersed of, the next chapter automatically begins.

If a Mauler gets to the gate, it'll be destroyed, and you'll have to retreat again. More Grenadiers will appear, and soon many Boomers will come to reinforce them. The Boomers target the gate. If all Boomers are killed, the next chapter automatically begins. If they breach it, you'll have to deal with more enemies until the "last resort" is being used. Use the "last resort", and clear off any remaining enemies to finish the chapter.


  • Anvil Gate plaque: Just as soon as you begin, turn around and it'll be on the wall.
  • Watercolor Painting: When moving toward the front gate via the right path, there will be a room on the right. The painting is hanging on the far wall.
  • Sam's Father's Medals: After collecting the Watercolor Painting, continue forward just a bit and you will be forced to cross the first courtyard. At the end of the crosswalk, look straight ahead to find 3 ammo crates. In between two of them in the corner you will find the medals.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Anvil Gate's Last Resort" achievement.
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