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The standard issue UIR Tag worn by Indies. This tag belongs to Major Toly.

The UIR Tag was a identification tag for the Indies of the Union of Independent Republics. The UIR Tag is the direct equivalent of the COG Tags worn by Gears of the Coalition of Ordered Governments as well as the Locust Emblem worn by Locusts from the Locust Horde.

The UIR Tag showcased the lightning bolt symbol of the UIR as much as the COG Tag resembles the gear symbol of the COG. UIR Tags were copper/bronze in coloration in contrast to the silver of the COG Tags or the rust and gold of the Locust Emblems.

UIR Tag: Major Toly[]

  • Translated to Tyran

Girek C. Toly



Ghato, Furlin [1]

UIR Tag: Sergeant Navut[]

UIR Tag, Sergeant Navut

  • Translated to Tyran

Ester M. Navut



Berephus, Ostri [2]

"Blood awash in sand of red, A waning trace of honored dead. Warriors of peace for which has dawned, A deep embrace from the beyond."


UIR Tag: Captain Tagger[]

UIR Tag, Captain Tagger.

  • Translated to Tyran

I die content.

In the name of peace, we gave everything soldiers could give.

As I write, the last of my comrades battle to keep the traitorous Major at bay. They all know the COG's missile is imminent. Skies willing, it will finally put an end to this. And still, they fight.

Remember us, please, and return my tags to my family. For them, I wanted a better world.

Rae, Tesse, Altan, my last thoughts are of you.

Rourke-Karel A. Tagger

CPT 119-FD-529

Andros, Pelles [3]

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