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The UIR Rocket was a Union of Independent Republics rocket designed to launch the UIR's Hammer of Dawn satellites from the OZP-11 cosmodrome, and the counterpart to COG Rockets. Two types of nosecones were built for the UIR Rocket. The first type of nosecone had three external mounts capable of carrying Hammer of Dawn satellites, which would break away from the main rocket at high altitude and continue into space to assume their final orbits while the rocket fell back to Sera. The second type of nosecone, which never left the testing phase at OZP-11's Cosmonaut Training Facility, was a crew capsule that could carry up to two cosmonauts; this capsule was to be implemented for the UIR's cancelled Expedition to the Moons of Sera. UIR Rockets were transported between facilities at OZP-11 using a purpose-built Rocket Transport Train.


Pendulum Wars[]

The UIR originally planned to launch the Rocket and its Hammer of Dawn Satellites to achieve strategic victory over the COG, however the COG's capability in using the Hammer of Dawn first, forced a premature shutdown of the program before it was fully realized. Premier Yori Deschenko forced the cancellation of the program as the UIR planned its terms of surrender to the COG in the twilight of the Pendulum Wars.

Mutiny at OZP-11[]

The unconditional surrender of the UIR was seen as an affront to the Republic of Gorasnaya, with Miran Trescu, at the behest of his dying father's wish, launched a mutiny in OZP-11 within Vasgar which was housing these Satellites. Led by Garron Paduk, two hundred Gorasni rebels fought their way through three thousand UIR Infantrymen in order to gain access to the Rocket and thus, the satellites. Before they could achieve this however, the head of the rocket facility bricked the entire system with a semi-sentient malware. The mutiny was abruptly stopped after Yori Deschenko gave the COG consent to deploy a Lightmass Missile at Vasgar to stop the mutiny permanently. The missile struck the Cosmonaut Training Facility parking lot, killing most of the rebels and ending the attempt.[1]

Swarm Invasion[]

Mission to OZP-11[]

Decades after the end of the Pendulum Wars and the Locust War, the facility in Vasgar remained undisturbed and decayed. However, the Swarm Invasion and the Swarm getting their Queen back caused Delta Squad to seek out a way to restore the Hammer of Dawn. Based on information recovered from the Abandoned Research Facility on Azura,[2] Damon Baird discovered the extent of the UIR's space program, including their secret Hammer of Dawn project. Making contact with Garron Paduk, now the leader of the Nomads, Baird sent Delta to OZP-11 to launch the satellites.[3]

Paduk directed Delta to the UIR Rocket Hangar where JACK was able to bypass the virus Major Toly had put into the systems during the mutiny. However, while the nosecone was present, the rocket itself was not, forcing Baird and Paduk to go through the data to locate where it actually was. Discovering that only one of the Hammer of Dawn satellites were attached to the rocket nosecone, Delta battled through the Swarm to attach all of the satellites and send the nosecone to the hangar itself. During this time, Paduk and Baird located the rest of the rocket at the Train Turntable to the east.

Delta made their way to the turntable where they fought off more Swarm forces. including two Scions and a Warden. At the turntable, the Gears found the rocket on a Rocket Transport Train and moved the turntable so that it was aimed towards the hangar. The train automatically took off, but Paduk's Nomads had left the nearby Train Bridge raised, meaning that the train and rocket would be destroyed. Delta raced to the Bridge Control House where the Swarm had destroyed the controls which forced the squad to drop the bridge into place by destroying the clamps.[4] After Delta fought off more Swarm, Paduk reported that his scouts had seen the rocket safely reach the hangar.

Once Delta had successfully retrieved the Hammer of Dawn targeting beacons from the Cosmonaut Training Facility, they returned to the hangar to finish assembling the rocket and then to launch it. However, as the nosecone was being moved into place, a Snatcher knocked the gantry out of alignment. Delta eliminated the attacking Swarm forces and JACK was able to move the nosecone into place. Delta fought off a Juvie attack and boarded the train as it took off. Another Snatcher tried to stop them, but was knocked from the train by Delmont Walker and Fahz Chutani.[5]

The train carried the completed rocket to the UIR Turntable Launch Tower where JACK accessed the systems in the control room and raised the rocket into place. However, JACK also inadvertently triggered the launch sequence too early, forcing Delta to make a run for it. The Kraken attacked the tower and attempted to destroy the rocket and prevent the launch. Delta fought off the Kraken's tentacles and the creature got burned when it stuck its head under the rocket while trying to kill Delta and the rocket began to launch. Delta was able to escape in a King Raven Mark 2 piloted by Paduk as the rocket launched, successfully sending the three Hammer of Dawn satellites into orbit.[6]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Concept art by Gears of War concept designer, Carlo Balassu, showcased the assembly and piece of the Rocket system.[7] 
  • The rocket is somewhat similar to that of a Soviet Soyuz 11A511.



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