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The UIR Elites were as its name implies, an elite force of experienced and specially trained Indies under the Union of Independent Republics. These soldiers was the special forces of the UIR Army and was seen as the counterpart of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Onyx Guards in both function and behavior.

It is likely that the remaining UIR Elites was disbanded following the conclusion of the Pendulum Wars.


Pendulum Wars[]

UIR Elites were the main special-operation units of the Union of Independent Republics. They were experienced in unconventional warfare and sabotage and countered the COG's own elite Onyx Guards during the Pendulum Wars.

Infantry Equipment[]

Equipment of the UIR Elite.

UIR Elites carry the same equipment as the regular UIR Infantry as well as having experienced knowledge in handling weapons from the COG. The standard issue weapon of the Elites are the Markza Mk 1 Marksman Rifle[1], Frag Grenades along with the standard issue Snub Pistol sidearm. UIR Elites could also use more specialized weapons such as the Booshka Grenade Launcher for anti-personnel operations.

The most striking equipment they carry however, is the armor they wear[2]. The armor of the UIR Elite whilst physically almost identical to the regular armor of the UIR Infantry, is painted in striking navy blue colors with white decals. The "UIR" stamp on the front chest of the armor plate was replaced by a white skull with the iconic UIR lightning bolt.

Speculated Role[]

Queicon.pngThe title of this article is conjectural. Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Little is known about these Elites other than they were of much better combat stock than the regular Infantry of the UIR. Their bright blue armor in contrast to the standard green armor of the UIR suggests that the UIR Elite specializes in subterfuge, espionage and sabotage operations by disguising themselves as friendly COG Gears from afar. As standard UIR Infantry are trained in unconventional warfare, it is likely that the Elites were leaders of these Spec-Ops units.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The UIR Elite were available in Gears of War 4's multiplayer. The Elite and the Aspho variant was exclusive in the UIR Gear Pack in late 2016. However, the Elite and Aspho variant would later become a free craftable skin via scrap. The helmetless UIR of both variants can be unlocked in the  Helmetless UIR Gear Pack.[3]
  • The blue coloration of the Elites may strengthen the idea that certain UIR Infantry would go behind enemy lines and sabotage Imulsion pipelines. The coloration is probably meant to confuse the COG from afar and blend in.


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