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The UIR Cargo Ship was a class of civilian container ship used by the Union of Independent Republics to transport goods during the Pendulum Wars. Occasionally, the UIR military would requisition these ships for other purposes, such as troop transportation.


Pendulum Wars[]

During the late Pendulum Wars, the UIR Cargo Ship RNV Borascu was requisitioned by the UIR military to return a contingent of Gorasni troops home to the Republic of Gorasnaya. After Major Garron Paduk seized control of the vessel to begin the Mutiny at OZP-11, it was sunk by C Battery, part of OZP-11's coastal defenses, on the orders of Major Girek C. Toly. Paduk and some 200 of his soldiers survived, however, and instigated a three-day civil war against Furlin's Fourth Infantry in an unsuccessful bid to launch OZP-11's Hammer of Dawn satellites.[1]

Locust War[]

The Gorasni container ship, Paryk, housed the remaining Gorasni population near the end of the Locust War. During the Second Battle of Azura, Paryk along with the rest of the Gorasni Navy assisted the remnants of the COG in defeating both the Locust and the Lambent in the final battle.

Swarm War[]

During the Swarm War, Delta-One traveled to Vasgar in search for the UIR's Hammer of Dawn satellites. In their travels, they spotted the remains of the RNV Borascu, a UIR Cargo Ship which was left to rust after the Vasgari sea receded from the coast. Delta Squad arrived at the wreck to rescue a Nomad scavenging team that had been sent to recover a shipment of Coalition of Ordered Governments weapons that Damon S. Baird had covertly dropped for them via Condor. The shipment included DeeBees and a Silverback. The Nomads were ambushed by two Flocks, which had infested the DeeBees and turned them into Rejects. Delta Squad defeated the Rejects and Flocks, and saved the surviving Nomads.[1]

Known UIR Cargo Ships[]

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