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The UIR Armored Personnel Carrier (or called simply as Trucks by Gears) was the Union of Independent Republics' main armored infantry transport and support vehicle during the Pendulum Wars. It used the same chassis as the Asp, but did not have a missile launcher installed.

The UIR APC was the Indies' equivalent to the Coalition of Ordered Governments' Armadillo and COG APC. A significant number of them were used during the Battle of Aspho Fields and the Mutiny at OZP-11.


Battle of Ragani[]

During the Battle of Ragani, four UIR APCs with a turreted mounted cannon tried to scout and breach COG defenses. However, Adam Fenix and Helena Stroud were able to repel them via a Rocket Launcher, which destroyed two of the APCs.[1]

Battle of Ashpo Fields[]

During the Battle of Aspho Fields, a column of UIR APCs along with UIR LAVs and Asp Anti-Air Tanks made a counterattack against C Company when they arrived at Aspho Fields during Operation Leveler to steal the Hammer of Dawn blueprints from the UIR. [2]

Several APCs along with LAVs and Asps were destroyed in the ensuing battle, at the cost of both Helena Stroud, Daniel Kennen, and Carlos Santiago's life.

Swarm War[]

During the Swarm War, Delta Squad arrived at Vasgar to acquire the Hammer of Dawn Satellites from the abandoned UIR Space Program. Several abandoned APCs could be seen strewn around the area. It is assumed that the Nomads have repurposed these APCs as supply carriers and fast travel.[3]


UIR Medical Truck[]

The UIR Medical Truck is a variant of the UIR APC that has been converted for hospital usage similiar to that of the COG Ambulance.

Although it bares the same chassis as the APC, the medical truck has an enlarged backdoor for an ease in taking out medical supplies. One of the notable areas in which these vehicle operate was in the heavily restricted Nedroma Health Institute in Vasgar.


Assasination of Ukkon[]

During the Locust War, Gabriel Diaz's squad used the medical truck as bait to lure in Ukkon so as to set a trap to assassinate the scientist. By placing one of Ukkon's Immune System Booster in the truck, he would of been put directly in front of two harpoon launchers hidden within the vehicle.[4] [5]

Several more of these Medical Trucks were seen scattered throughout the Vasgari desert, however, they no longer serve a purpose other than cover from enemy fire.

Behind the scenes[]

  • UIR APCs found in Gears 5 are unarmed, however, as shown from Gears of War: They Also Serve, they can be attached with a bubble-turreted anti-personnel cannon. The only equipment that could be found are smoke launchers.
  • Kait and other Gears calls these APCs trucks.



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