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"At 1000 hours this morning, the Union of Independent Republics signed a formal surrender to the Coalition of Ordered Governments and concluded a peace treaty. It is with profound relief that I tell you the Pendulum Wars are now at an end, and that the COG and UIR will embark on a program of reconciliation and rebuilding to heal the terrible scars-individual and national-that this long, terrible conflict has left upon Sera. We hope that the state of Gorasnaya will come to accept our offer of reconciliation and formally agree to the cease-fire in with with other UIR states."
— Chairman Tomas Dalyell's official announcement that the Pendulum Wars are over.[3]

The Armistice between the Union of Independent Republics and Coalition of Ordered Governments, was the official ceasefire agreement between the two superpowers to end the 79 year long Pendulum Wars. The war ended in a near total victory for the COG and left them the one sole Seran superpower left on Sera. However, even after the Armistice, some smaller UIR nations like the Republic of Gorasnaya still continued a fierce guerilla war against the COG.[4]

Treaty FormationEdit


Chairman Tomas calling Premier Deschenko for peace talks.


Main article: Battle of Bonbourg (Pendulum Wars)

In the last year of the Pendulum Wars, the COG had invaded both the Ostri Republic and Independent Republic of Furlin, the COG had a single battalion stationed in Bonbourg city while in Furlin the COG was fighting around Ghato City.[5] Chairman Tomas Dalyell gave the UIR one final chance to surrender before using their new super weapon, the UIR refused to surrender. While off the coast of Orstini the UIR Third Fleet was pinning down the COG army at Bonbourg, the Coalition unleashed their newest weapon, the Hammer of Dawn. In a matter of seconds, the Hammer obliterated four Indie ships. This new super weapon forced the Indie navy to abandon their mission and the Zephyr returned to home port. The show of force convinced the UIR leadership that continuing the war was fruitless and began entering negotiations for peace talks.


Furlin troops attacking COG forces after the ceasefire was announced.

Peace talks and minor skirmishesEdit

The peace talks were announced, which was met by celebrations in the COG and disbelief in the UIR, Furlin troops attacked COG forces believing the talks were propaganda, inflecting minor losses on the 26th RTI. UIR command was able to convince their soldiers that the peace talks where in fact true and happening, the Furlin troop’s later surrendered to the 26th RTI. While in the Republic of Gorasnaya, the Gorasni High Council elected to continue the fight against the COG while the rest of the UIR followed in Premier Yori in the peace talks.[6]


The peace talks ended with the COG taking over several Indie nations except for some holdouts like Gornasnaya which continued the war in the form of guerilla warfare. Premier Yori kept his title and was given leadership over Pelles and Ostri Republic[7]. The peace on Sera lasted only six weeks before Emergence Day.[8]


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