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"Tripwire Crossbow! Never seen one of these. Doesn't this look kinda like a toy."
Augustus Cole

The Tripwire Crossbow is the COG counter-weapon of the Locust Torque Bow. It fires an explosive charge-equipped bolt that sticks to surfaces and emits an infrared "tripwire" beam. Once the beam is crossed, the bolt will launch the explosive charge at the enemy, detonating.

Tactical InformationEdit

This heavy crossbow is capable of launching a high caliber bolt that will firmly lodge itself into whatever it hits – even a concrete or metal surface – turning the area into a deadly trap. Impacted bolts send out an infrared tripwire, and launch a small explosive charge at the first enemy to cross the path of the beam. This weapon usually appears when you have to defend a position and place traps for the enemy.

Although the Tripwire Crossbow is a heavy weapon, it does not encumber the player like a Mulcher would, and roadie running, mantling and rolling can still be performed.


The execution for the Tripwire Crossbow is: The player draws the crossbow and puts one side around the opponent's head, followed by the player pressing the trigger, closing the crossbow and smashing the opponent's head.

Behind the scenesEdit

Savage BuzzSaw Design

Savage Buzzsaw design.

  • The Tripwire Crossbow is the same visually to the Savage Buzzsaw, a concept weapon during Gears of War's development. The Savage Locust were intended to wield the Savage Buzzsaw, a weapon whose circular projectile blades could be bounced off walls and made to hit enemies hiding around corners. The time constraints placed on Gears of War 3's development massively complicated the new physics programming required for the weapon's successful prototyping, and it was ultimately abandoned. However, an improvised version of the Savage Buzzsaw, called the Buzzkill, is in Gears of War 4.
  • The beam of the bolts only appear when the crossbow is reloaded.
  • When you shoot an enemy directly, the bolt will stick to the enemy and can be used as a moving mine.
  • Although a shot to the torso will do very little damage to an enemy, the crossbow is capable of headshots.




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