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Begin the mission to find Alpha Squad.

A few enemies will appear at the far end of the courtyard, but the chopper overhead will take care of them for you. Just march towards the stairway ahead and be sure to grab the Lancer weapon that was dropped at the base of the stairs. This COG assault rifle has a nasty chainsaw at the end that'll kill enemies instantly.


Start of Chapter; this is the first time you meet your team.

Continue up the stairs and into the structure, then turn left to reach an outdoor yard. A few Locust will storm the yard as you enter, so quickly take cover and keep them from pushing towards you. When the enemies are downed, look for some COG Tags at the far end of the yard.


The first COG Tag.

Follow your squad around the next corner and lead 'em up the long stairway to the right. The way opens up to a very wide yard with—you guessed it—Locust at the far end. This first part of the battle is pretty straightforward. Just push forward while hugging the right side of the field until all enemies are dead.


This is the first time you'll see Emergence Holes.

The path turns left ahead, and you can bet there are more enemies yet to fight. This time you'll need to watch either side of the yard as the Locust will try to flank your squad. Don't let them. Stick to the far sides of the passage and intercept any Locust you see that try to sneak in.


Further ahead, you'll cross a bridge before heading into a large building. Locust come in just a couple at a time, making them pretty easy to handle. It's best to stick along the wall to the left to keep the enemies on one side of you. When you hear some rumbling, press the point-of-interest button to look in the direction of a new Emergence Hole. Push towards it, then fire away. When the room is clear of enemies, inspect the far corner to the right (hop over a short wall) to find some grenades.


The chapter ends when you walk down this ramp.

As you march towards the far side of the room, another Emergence Hole opens up and more enemies pour out. Take cover in the nearby archway and try to keep the Locust at bay. If they push you out of the archway, you'll have to retreat further to avoid getting pressured. When the enemies are dead, look for a set of COG Tags in the corner, behind the Emergence Hole.

As you leave the building through the door to the left, hop over a wall to your right to find some grenades. Head down the stairway outside to reach the street level, then continue forward to trigger the next part of the chapter.

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