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—The Tremor's battle cry

The Tremor was a Boomer variant which participated in the Locust attack on Ilima City. Tremors had the unique ability to summon Seeders by using their massive hammers to nail a special "Tremor" spike into the ground that the Seeder can home onto.[1]


Tremor calling a Seeder by using his hammer.

Assault on Ilima[]

During the Locust assault on Ilima City, a Tremor accompanied General RAAM. It first appeared when a Corpser opened a path for RAAM, one Theron Elite, two Mauler Elites and the Tremor itself. It then summoned the first Seeder in an adequate location as specified by RAAM. The group then made its way through a courtyard and arrived to the next Seeder location and summoned it. Afterwards, the group summoned a third Seeder on a COG outpost.

When the group re-emerged at Alpha Squad's Evacuation Checkpoint, the Tremor was escorted to another location and guarded while it summoned another Seeder. They then moved to the Ilima City Hall to summon a group of Seeders. The Theron Elites fought against the Gears, but soon Onyx Guards arrived and attempt to kill the Tremor and his bodyguards, they succeeded in doing some damage but ultimately failed to stop the Tremor from summoning other three Seeders. At this point Queen Myrrah stated that the sky wasn't yet dark enough for the Kryllstorm and gave them orders to head to the last emergence point needed to completely cover Ilima City in a shroud of ink. It can be assumed that the Tremor summoned the last of the Seeders at their intended location. However, the Tremor's ultimate fate is unknown as he didn't ambush Zeta Squad with the Theron Elites. It is possible that it was killed with Gears or the Kryllstorm itself, but this is unconfirmed as of yet.


Tremors wear similar armor to the Butcher class of Boomer; they have the same type of helmet and chest plate - without the apron - on their belt is a sheath that holds the homing spikes for the Seeders.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Tremor was originally going to be a playable class in Gears of War: Judgment's OverRun mode but was cut. Equipped with a heavy hammer, the Tremor had an ability called "Hammer Time" which would coat its hammer in flames.[3]


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