A Track Mule, also known simply as a Mule or COG Bike, was a series of motorcycles that were produced at some point within the history of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, capable of carrying two passengers and performing exceedingly well on both pavement and rugged off-road terrain. They had wide tires and no cover or windshield, allowing for the second passenger to provide fire support for the driver. Mules could also endure several large jumps at maximum speed without major structural damage.

The Track Mule differed greatly from the Rat Bike, as it was structurally different and lacked any apparent hard points for an onboard weapons system or sidecar.


Assault on the Stroud EstateEdit

By 42 A.E., Track Mules were commonly regarded as antiques. Two Track Mules were acquired and maintained by Marcus Fenix at some point following the end of the Locust War. They were later used to escape hostile COG DeeBee forces at the Stroud Estate before making their way to Fort Reval to investigate the disappearance of the missing Outsiders, inevitably leading them to discover the Swarm. During this escape, Marcus Fenix, along with JD Fenix, Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker were able to take down a large COG gunship, the Vulture. After reaching Fort Reval, the Mules were abandoned outside when the group entered in search of answers about the Swarm.[1]

Evacuation of Settlement 2Edit

Later that year, during the Evacuation of Settlement 2, Delta-One became pinned down in front of The Palace Theater by a Swarmak. While the Swarmak was distracted, Augustus Cole slipped past it, found a Track Mule, and attached Bolo Grenades to it. He then rode the Track Mule at full speed off a makeshift ramp, jumping off before it lodged itself into the Swarmak's open mouth. Concentrated fire from Delta-One caused the Track Mule to explode, obliterating the Swarmak's head and upper torso.[2]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Collector's Statue included in the premium version Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition features JD Fenix riding a Track Mule, referred to as a "COG Bike".



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