"That's them -the beast barges. That's where they're takin' people. I think they're torturing them in there."
Damon Baird explaining the Torture Barges to the rest of Delta-One

The Torture Barge, or Beast Barge, was a Hollow creature turned into a mobile prison. They first were known to the Serans, during Operation: Hollow Storm, being used as a prison for “ProcessedGears and Stranded. The beast barge was able to climb atop the ceilings in the Hollow to quickly transport prisoners for the processes.


Like most creatures inside the Hollow, the Beast Barge was enslaved by the Locust Horde, and used for processing.[1][2]

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

When the COG attacked the Hollows, hundreds of their soldiers were either captured or killed by the Locust. The survivors were processed and put aboard the torture barges and transferred across the Inner Hollows. Delta-One was able to hijack one of the Barges but found no prisoners, they later checked out another Barge they had collided with and discovered Tai Kaliso, who soon committed suicide, due to the torture inflicted on him at the hands of the Locust.

"Take out that Barge!"
—Marcus Fenix upon seeing a Beast Barge, atop a Brumak

When Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago returned to the Hollow in a hijacked Brumak, they found a Torture Barge that passed through and it was quickly brought down by the Brumak's rockets into a large lake of Imulsion.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit


Torture Barges are first seen in Act 2: Captivity after Dominic Santiago, Marcus Fenix, and Augustus Cole rescue Baird from captivity. The Beast Barge is an extremely large Locust transport creature and is a mix of flesh and machinery. It clings to the ceiling using its four enormous legs. It is used to transport Locust and captured humans from place to place throughout the Hollow and used to cross Imulsion lakes or rivers. It is armed with a turret that is operated by a Locust/Human passenger.


They can only be accessed by an elevator which drops out of the rear, usually carrying a Grinder intent on killing the player. This elevator takes players up to what appears to be a main holding area, which is a large room with coffin like cells lining the walls. Here there are two ramps which lead up to the top deck, where a majority of fighting takes place.



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