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Doctor Torres was one of the geneticists at the New Hope Research Facility. Torres was assigned to find a cure for Rustlung under the supervision of Dr. Niles Samson. Torres then discovered Myrrah, a young girl of an Imulsion miner who exhibited genetic immunity to Rustlung and Imulsion. Sometime after relocating the the Mount Kadar Laboratory, Torres entered a romantic relationship with Myrrah and they conceived a child together who they named Reyna. Sometime after, Torres became disillusioned with the research into creating the Locust Horde and fled the facility with the infant Reyna.

Since escaping the facility, Torres raised Reyna on the lam and avoided the Coalition at all costs. Later in life, Reyna would describe him to her daughter, Kait Diaz, as a "bad man." He taught Reyna how to fight, survive, and distrust the COG. After the first year of the Locust War, as the Locust he helped create emerged to destroy humanity and colonize the surface, Torres and Reyna took shelter in an abandoned UIR laboratory in Zenic, Vasgar. It was later invaded by Locust scientist and former patient of his, Ukkon, who then murdered Torres and captured his daughter.


Early Life[]

Most of Torres' early life is unknown, other than the fact that he studied genetics and became an accomplished geneticist.

Pendulum Wars[]

New Hope Research Facility[]

During the Pendulum Wars, it was discovered by the Coalition of Ordered Governments that overexposure to Imulsion caused a fatal condition in humans known as Rustlung. Fearing the political and economic ramifications of producing a toxic chemical as a fuel source, the Coalition, under the Department of Health, opened the New Hope Research Facility to house, study, and treat the children of Imulsion miners who were both affected by Rustlung in order to discover a cure. Renowned scientist, Doctor Niles Samson, was made Director of the facility and project. Dr. Torres was then recruited to join the efforts in curing Rustlung at New Hope.

Initially, the research at New Hope began with injecting children with doses of concentrated Imulsion and studying its reproduction and effects. Dr. Torres and Dr. Nile Samson discovered that while Imulsion caused cell degradation, it also could cause point mutations, meaning Imulsion could act as a key for genetically altering and designing humans. During their research, Dr. Torres then discovered one of the children, Myrrah, exhibited no side-effects of Rustlung. Upon closer examination, Dr. Torres found that Myrrah had a genetic immunity to Imulsion and Rustlung. In fact, exposure to Imulsion acted as beneficial to Myrrah and her T cells appeared to be particularly responsive. He believed her body was aging at a pace roughly half that of a normal girl.

Dr. Torres brought this to the attention of Dr. Niles Samson, who then isolated Myrrah and treated with more care and fondness than the others. Dr. Torres and Dr. Niles Samson attempted to replicate her genetic immunity in the other children, but were all deemed failures. It was then considered that since Imulsion could alter genetics, it would be possible to design genetic immunity through cross-species genetics. The children were then mutated with the DNA of indigenous creatures of the Hollow, which were believed to also have genetic immunity to Imulsion. The children were transformed, however, into monstrous creatures that were genetically unstable, distempered, sterile, and aggressive. Niles tagged them as Sires. Only one of the Sires, Ukkon, retained their mental capacity and later gained the ability to instantly heal wounds when exposed to Imulsion.

Due to the departure of staff following the unethical experimentation and attacks by the specimens, the work at New Hope was exposed. Chairman Monroe personally ordered the facility shutdown and indicted all involved, including Torres and Samson. However, a fringe political party within the Monroe Administration believed in Samson's work, and wished to not only cure Rustlung but create an army of genetically superior soldiers to end the Pendulum Wars. They built a facility in Mount Kadar to relocate Niles and his work. Dr. Torres, among other remaining loyal staff members, relocated to the Mount Kadar facility on foot, during the night in the snow, along with the Sires and Myrrah.

Mount Kadar Laboratory[]

Once at the Mount Kadar facility, Niles Samson was able to continue with his work. Once Myrrah matured, Dr. Torres and Dr. Samson began fertilizing Myrrah's embryonic stem-cells with Sire DNA, which then created the first of the Locust Horde, the Matriarch. It was then discovered that a psychomagnetic link known as the Hivemind was created through Myrrah's stem cells, connecting all of the Locust to a collective consciousness, with Myrrah able to control them. Through the Matriarch, Myrrah was then able to amplify her powers.

Sometime after, Dr. Torres and Myrrah grew a sexual relationship. They were successful as Myrrah gave birth to a human female, Reyna. Myrrah became a devout mother to Reyna, while Dr. Torres became uncomfortable with the experiments being done to Reyna, as it was discovered that Reyna had also inherited her mother's genetic gifts, including a connection to the Hivemind and resistance to aging. Concerned with Reyna's future, Dr. Torres became disillusioned with the work Niles was doing and escaped the facility with Reyna, but was unable to take Myrrah with him. Niles was unable to recapture Torres or Reyna, and thus lied to Myrrah that they had died during the escape attempt in order to keep Myrrah from wanting to leave the facility.

Raising Reyna on the Lam[]

It is unknown where exactly Torres took Reyna. He gifted Reyna with her mother's amulet but never spoke of her to Reyna. For Reyna's entire childhood, she and Torres went into hiding - as Torres remained an enemy of the nation for his work at New Hope. Torres and Reyna lived as nomads, always moving and hiding, as Torres taught Reyna to distrust the COG and to always run from them. According to Reyna, as an adult, her father's parenting skills were less to be desired. Despite caring for each other, Reyna referred to Torres as a "bad man." The two continued to live together and were able to witness the end of the Pendulum Wars.

Locust War[]

Emergence Day[]

Six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars, Torres witnessed the extent of his wrongdoings, as the Locust Horde he once experimented on emerged in every major city on Sera to slaughter all of humanity. He and Reyna survived the initial attack. Despite this, he and Reyna continued to live by constantly moving and hiding from both the COG and the Locust.

Surviving in Vasgar[]

"We were living in some old lab. My father's a scientist."
—Reyna Torres.

Nearly a year after Emergence Day, Dr. Torres and Reyna arrived in Vasgar, where they found an abandoned Union of Independent Republics laboratory in Zenic where they could be safe. He and Reyna lived there for a short while, until around 1 A.E.


"A few weeks ago, I went out for supplies. When I came back... [Ukkon] was there. Setting up shop. I don't know why he didn't just kill me. But what he did to my father? That'll stay with me until the day I die."
—Reyna Torres about her father's death by Ukkon.

A year after Emergence Day, shortly after the Coalition of Ordered Governments commenced the Hammer of Dawn Strikes to destroy the Locust by incinerating a majority of Sera, Torres and Reyna were still residing within the UIR lab. Reyna had gone out to look for supplies, but during which, the Locust scientist, Ukkon, found the lab and captured all the humans including Reyna. Before he began to transform the facility into his own lab, Ukkon personally killed Torres in front of Reyna in a manner that would haunt her.