Memorial garden

The memorial garden before Emergence Day.

The Tomb of the Unknowns was a graveyard and tomb for several of the most important Gears on Sera. Located across the street from the House of Sovereigns and near the Eternal Flame in Ephyra city, the Tomb houses unknown Gears killed in the Pendulum Wars, and war heroes who are awarded an Embry Star.[1]

Famous Burials and MonumentsEdit

During the Lightmass OffensiveEdit

The tomb was the site of much action in the Lightmass Offensive, and was the setting for Lieutenant Minh Young Kim and Redshirt Gyules' deaths, as well as the fight between Marcus, Dom and a Berserker. As the only way to kill the creature was to use the Hammer of Dawn, the memorial garden at the back of the building provided a good outdoor area to use the deadly weapon to full effect.[2]

Before Emergence Day, only the most important Gears of Sera would have been buried here. Now, with the Locust Horde invasion, many of the burial sites have most likely been desecrated by Emergence Holes or Seeders. All that is left of the building is now in ruins.

Swarm WarEdit

By 42 A.E. the Tomb of the Unknowns had been somewhat abandoned along with Old Ephyra. However, while DB Industries was dismantling Old Ephyra for building materials, the tomb was left untouched. Restoration efforts were being made by the COG to preserve and eventually reopen the Tomb to the public. This would make it one of Tyrus's few historical sites to still be valued by the COG. 


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