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The Timgad Bridge 14 years after Emergence Day.

Timgad Bridge was a draw-bridge in Timgad East.


Lightmass Offensive[]

During the Lightmass Offensive, Delta-One tried to cross Timgad Bridge in APC-142 on their way to deliver the targeting data to the Lightmass Bomb. However, they found it drawn up, and were ambushed by Locust forces. After defeating the Locust, they searched for a way to restore the power.[1] After they restored power and the bridge went down, they crossed it and continued toward the bomb.[2]

Evacuation of North Gate[]

The Timgad Bridge was later used during the Evacuation of North Gate.[3] Once the convoy crossed the bridge, they were in the "safe" zone where the Locust were unable to tunnel under.[4]


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