The Rusty Nail.

The Rusty Nail was a bar located in the Steel District of Jacinto City. It was bartended by Joey.


Some time during the war, the COG decided to allow Gears to drink alcohol, after a hard time out in the field and when off-duty. However it is unknown how often and how much Gears are allowed to drink.

Draper at The Rusty Nail

Fenix at the bar.

Locust WarEdit

Marcus Fenix went to The Rusty Nail two days after returning from a mission, where he lost squadmate Gil Gonzalez in battle. Anya Stroud met him here and told him she was sorry about Gonzalezs death. When two tough guys hit on Anya but wouldn't go away, Anya hit one while Marcus stopped the other one from hitting her, and convinced him to leave. When the first guy discovered who Marcus was, he quickly decided to leave them alone. Lt.Draper was also seen drinking at the bar shortly before this fight.[1]


Alex and Jace reminiscing about their pasts.

Jace and Alex at the Rusty NailEdit

Four months later, Jace Stratton and Alex Brand met at The Rusty Nail one week after the Liberation of Jilane. They were served drinks by Joey, and Jace told Alex the story of how he lost his ear during Operation: Midnight.[2]


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