The New Ephyran was one the major news and entertainment publications of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. It was active during the Pendulum Wars, but dissolved at some point during the Locust War. In 22 A.E., five years after the end of the Locust War and the onset of the Interwar Period, The New Ephyran was reestablished. It celebrated its 20th anniversary in 42 A.E.




The New EphyranEdit

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The "Outsider" Movement: What Next?[1]

The New Ephyran: 20th Anniversary EditionEdit

An excerpt from The New Ephyran's exclusive interview with First Minister Jinn, "Making a Nation":

THE NEW EPHYRAN: First Minister, could you share with us your thoughts on the legacy of the late First Minister Stroud? What was her importance to you?

FIRST MINISTER JINN: I owe everything to First Minister Stroud. How could it be otherwise? She wa an extraordinary mentor, and a dear friend.

TNE: Yet you both had such different upbringings. She hailed from a very prominent family, and you, of course...

FMJ: Yes, I grew up amongst the Stranded. There are members of my family that I will never meet because they were incinerated during the Hammer Strikes. So, in many ways, I spent my childhood detesting the COG. However, somebody helped me overcome those feelings.

TNE: First Minister Stroud?

FMJ: Yes. You see, I first met her shortly after the war. She was a Gear then. My family and I were living in complete squalor. It shames to remember this, but I was unkind to her when she approached. Despite it, she gave me rations, and invited my family to a fledgling encampment called New Ephyra.

TNE: This is a difficult question, but, First Minister, do you feel any responsibility for her death?

FMJ: First Minister Stroud died for a cause she and I believed in deeply. And I miss her every day.[2]



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