"Good ol' Takashi..."
—Jace after hearing from Takashi that he was still alive hanging from the bridge.

Private Takashi was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army who was a part of Midnight Squad.



Takashi hanging by a rope from the Ferro Bridge.

Operation: MidnightEdit

"Uh, Lieutenant? Glad we won and all, but ah... you think I could get a pick-up down here?"
—Takashi, asking for rescue while hanging upside down from a bridge

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, Takashi was chosen to be part of Midnight Squad during Operation: Midnight. He traveled with the rest of the squad on Assault Derricks down the Landown Highway to the Ferro Bridge, which they were dropped off near. Lt.Draper briefed the squad on their mission to secure the bridge before a Coalition of Ordered Governments convoy arrived, and they moved through the Stromson Forest to the bridge. Once they arrived, Draper sent Takashi with Sgt.Jonathan Harper and Cpl.Ahman to secure the far side of the bridge. They moved quietly along it, until they reached a broken part of the bridge. Harper ordered Takashi to breakout rope so Takashi and Ahman could inspect underneath the bridge and make sure it was clear. They took off the top part of their armor and rappelled down, while Harper held the rope steady, and began inspecting for bombs. They did not find any, but suddenly heard Tickers approaching them, much to their horror. They fought them off using their hands and Snub Pistols, and succeeded in driving them away. However, Harper could not hold them up much longer, and the rope began slipping, leaving them dangling over the river below the bridge. A Torque Bow bolt cut the rope, sending them plunging down to the river. Takashi managed to grab onto the bridge, but Ahman fell into the water and was never found. He attempted to climb back up to the top of the bridge, but got his legs tangled up in the rope and was left hanging upside down while listening to the battle up above. After the squad won the battle, Takashi contacted them, saying he was glad that they had won, but that he really needed a pick-up, which he received.[2]


Crimson Omen
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