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The Tac-Com Vehicle was a large COG tactical communications vehicle whose main purpose is to locate the whereabouts of Gears and other COG units in a battlefield. Although they have some superficial similarities with an Armadillo, Tac-Com Vehicles are two to three times the size. As its name suggests, these vehicles provide Gears with Tac-Coms and supports them via increasing their audio range for these devices. It can also allow Tac-Com Tablets to insert itself and transfer information if needed.[1]

As such, Tac-Com Vehicles are of massive logistical importance for the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army. To enable such broad frequencies for increase communications, Tac-Com Vehicles are armed primarily with a large communication relay dish and a map console to locate military units.


Locust War[]

Assassination of Ukkon[]

One year after Emergence Day and after surviving the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, Sgt. Gabriel Diaz and Major Sid Redburn searched for Echo-Five to bolster up their forces. On their way, they met up with the remnants of Echo-Five, Marcella and Tyrone.[2]

After a brief battle with Locust scouting parties, the team ventured on-board a Tac-Com Vehicle to locate the whereabouts of the rest of Echo-Five which were ambushed much earlier. Unfortunately, Marcella and Tyrone would later found out that they were the only survivors of their team who succumbed to Torture Pods[3].

The Tac-Com Vehicle would later become an essential command and communications vehicle for Sgt. Gabriel Diaz squad in the goal of assassinating Ukkon.




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