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Swarmaks are horribly disfigured versions of the Brumak, being covered with numerous blisters and heavy crystal growth.


Swarmaks, much like Scions, seem to be former Brumaks that were "killed" when the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon was activated, since they seem to share the same crystal growths that the Scions had as Drones when they died.

Escape from Tollen DamEdit

A Swarmak was called in by the Speaker (who then piloted it) to fight JD Fenix, Del, Kait Diaz and Marcus Fenix. The group fought the Swarmak but was unable to deal damage to it due to its hardened carapace from the crystal growths. However, they quickly took advantage of the dam's generators, electrocuting the ground to slightly harm the Swarmak and allow its blisters to be destroyed. It was killed when all of the blisters on it were destroyed.

Assault on Tollen DamEdit

Several Swarmaks appeared on the way to Tollen Dam to stop the group from reaching the large nest. They were all disposed of by JD and Kait, who piloted heavy mech suits to clear Swarm resistance that appeared.


Much like regular Brumaks, Swarmaks carried two chain guns on its wrists and a rocket launcher mounted on its back. Unlike regular Brumaks, Swarmaks were much more difficult to kill, since their crystal growths prevented them from taking heavy damage. They functioned similarly to the regular Brumak.

However, Swarmaks had blisters covering their body. This was their "weak spot", and destroying all of these blisters would kill the Swarmak. The blisters were very durable and could take a lot of punishment before being destroyed. When it was destroyed, the Swarmak would be severely hurt, much like a normal Brumak's chain guns exploding on it.

Alternatively, a Swarmak could be killed by ripping its mouth open, though it had to be incapacitated first. Swarmaks always exploded upon death.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Swarmaks can appear in boss waves in Horde 3.0.


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