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"Guys, that sounded like there were dozens of em'. Hundreds. Like a... like a swarm."
Delmont Walker to Kait Diaz and JD Fenix, after an attack on their village

The Swarm War, also called the Swarm Outbreak[1] was a planet-wide conflict between the Seran and Swarm races. The conflict began on 42 A.E., twenty-five years after the end of the Locust War. On Victory Day, the late Professor Adam Fenix activated the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon which was a targeted-radiation device that was aimed at destroying the living cells that are infected with Imulsion. The weapon vaporized the Lambent race and destroyed Imulsion while all Locust creatures collapsed and began to develop an impenetrable Imulsion crystal shell around their bodies. Unable to destroy the bodies, the surviving humans disposed of the Locust by dumping them underground in the mass burial sites. Around 42 A.E., the Imulsion crystal shells hatched and the evolved forms of the Locust that are known as Scions emerged. In order to rebuild their army and finish destroying humanity and colonizing the surface, the Scions created the Swarm which was a hivemind of creatures that are controlled by the Scions. The Swarm harvested all living organisms including humans and transformed them into soldiers for the Swarm army. The newly reformed COG and Outsiders began noticing the disappearances on both sides and discovered that their people are being taken and transformed by the Swarm, initiating the Swarm War.


The origins of the Swarm coincided with the origins of the Locust Horde during the early Pendulum War-era. In an effort to cure Rustlung, Dr. Niles Samson created the Locust Horde by combining the embryonic stem cells of Myrrah which was a woman that was born with a genetic immunity to Imulsion and the DNA of the Sires that were mutated humans sick with Rustlung and spliced from the DNA of the Hollow Creatures by Dr. Niles Samson at the New Hope Research Facility. Due to unknown reasons, all Locust specimens and Myrrah were connected psychologically that was known as the Hivemind with Myrrah able to control the Locust.

During their work at the Mount Kadar Laboratory, Niles Samson genetically designed the Locust to be able to quickly evolve in order to withstand generational conflict by hibernating and metamorphosing. Meanwhile, Myrrah had sexual relations with a scientist named Dr. Torres and gave birth to a female human child named Reyna who inherited her mother's connection to the Hivemind. However, Dr. Torres feared that the experimentation would be done to his daughter and escaped from the facility with Reyna. Unable to recapture them, Niles Samson lied to Myrrah that Reyna was killed in the escape attempt. In her grief, Myrrah grew a hatred of the humans and took control of the Locust to slaughter all of the scientists in the lab before escaping. Becoming their leader, Queen Myrrah led the Locust deeper into the caverns of Mount Kadar and built their own civilization: Nexus. In time, the Imulsion began to infect the Locust that was known as Lambency and began a conflict between the Locust and their infected brethren. Queen Myrrah sought the help of a human scientist named Professor Adam Fenix to cure the Lambent. When he was unable to do so, Queen Myrrah led the Locust to invade the surface in order to destroy humanity and colonize the surface to escape from the Lambent.

In 17 A.E., Professor Adam Fenix was successful in creating the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. The biological countermeasures could not work against the Lambent as the Imulsion would infect or evolve against it. Professor Fenix also could not avoid sparing the Locust from being harmed because of their ancestors being the product of Imulsion experimentation which resided in the Locust DNA. After launching the Countermeasure, the Locust did not vaporize like the Lambent. Instead, the Imulsion in their DNA emerged and crystallized from their skin by forming a cocoon shell over their bodies, as they were designed to adapt and evolve against such measures. The humans were unable to destroy the crystallized bodies and ultimately decided to bury the Locust in mass graves.


Rebuilding the Army (42 A.E.)Edit

In 42 A.E., the Locust shells that are placed in the mass graves began to hatch. The ones that emerged were evolved Locust Drones called Scions. Since their hibernation, humanity rebuilt and grew substantially and began using automation called DeeBees for their defense. Realizing they were low in numbers, the Scions created a bio-organism called the Swarm. They began to build Hives from their burial sites and created the creatures, known as Snatchers, to capture the humans and place them in Pods within the Swarm Hive. There, they would transform into soldiers for the Swarm birthed as Juvies and grow into Drones for the Swarm Army.

Among the humans were two factions: the rebuilt Coalition of Ordered Governments, and the Outsiders, which were groups formed from the Stranded who resented the Coalition and chose to live outside COG jurisdiction. The Swarm that was led by the Scions began to capture the humans from both sides. This fueled the Outsider Movement which was a conflict between the two factions by believing the other to have been kidnapping their people. While the Swarm continued to build their army, the Scions realized that they lacked a physical Queen, as a Queen was needed for the Swarm to learn and grow. Unknown to the humans, Myrrah's consciousness survived within the Hivemind despite being killed by Sgt. Marcus Fenix, allowing her to potentially lead again, but would need a physical vessel.

Due to their connection, Myrrah discovered that her daughter, Reyna, actually survived and was the leader of an Outsider Village named Fort Umson. She commanded the de-facto leader, the Speaker, to ambush Fort Umson and capture Reyna alive. The Speaker captured Reyna and brought her to the Swarm Hive located within the Tollen Dam. In the heart of the Hive, Reyna was connected to the Swarm physically as she was to be transformed into Myrrah's physical vessel and Queen of the Swarm. The Speaker also made sure that premature disconnection would ultimately kill Reyna. However, Reyna's daughter, Kait Diaz, led a rescue mission accompanied by her friends and the Coalition of Ordered Governments, but was too late. Reyna already began transforming, but was able to be disconnected by Kait. The Swarm recovered her body and continued to transform her, but also began to set their sights on the next in line: Kait Diaz.

Emergence of the Swarm (42 A.E.)Edit

The survivors of Fort Umson: Kait Diaz, James Dominic Fenix and Delmont Walker returned to the Coalition in order to inform First Minister Mina Jinn about their new enemy in an intelligence summit. First Minister Jinn pardoned James Dominic Fenix and Delmont Walker and reinstated them as Captain and Lieutenant of the Coalition Army. Their first mission was to recon the Orzabal Crater, which was a Locust burial site that begun experiencing activity. Upon arrival, it was discovered to be another Swarm Hive, with First Minister Jinn now convinced of their new enemy. Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Damon Baird believed the next course of action would be to reactivate the Hammer of Dawn to easily destroy Swarm Hives and to give the Coalition a defense against the Swarm. It was rejected by First Minister Jinn due to being a survivor of the Hammer of Dawn Strikes. However, Sgt. Fenix and Baird led a mission to Azura to launch a Hammer of Dawn satellite.

Meanwhile, the Swarm began to emerge and their presence became known to the public as they launched their attack on Settlement 2. The Coalition and DeeBees forces were brought to Settlement 2 to evacuate the civilians and fight the Swarm. During the battle, it was discovered that the Swarm could hijack the DeeBees and use them against the humans. The overall forces overwhelmed the COG and forced them to abandon Settlement 2. Before the last of the Coalition abandoned the Settlement, Cpt. James Fenix attempted to rescue an evac convoy that was being attacked by the Swarm by using the relaunched Hammer of Dawn. It was successful in killing the Swarm forces, but went unstable and began firing wildly - killing many civilians and Gears and injuring James himself. The Coalition pulled out of Settlement 2 and began to fortify the rest of the Settlements and New Ephyra.

Hivebuster Offensive (42 A.E.)Edit

COG-Outsider Armistice (42 A.E.)Edit

Following the attack on Settlement 2, Cpl. Kait Diaz believed in rescuing the remaining Outsider villages by taking recruiting them to help fight the Coalition. The following four months, Cpl. Diaz and Lt. Walker convinced numerous Outsider villages to join the Coalition. First Minister Jinn offered asylum in the recently developed Settlement 6. However, since Reyna Diaz's apparent death, Cpl. Kait Diaz began to experience visions and nightmares of the Swarm, the Locust Horde, and her family. Unknown to most, she also kept the amulet that belonged to her grandmother which contained the symbol of the Locust Horde. Meanwhile, First Minister Jinn also sent Cpt. James Fenix on classified missions with 1st Lt. Fahz Chutani.

By Frost, 42 A.E., Cpl. Diaz arrived at Riftworm Village, the last Outsider village to not join the Coalition, in order to persuade them to join. Their leader was Cpl. Diaz's uncle, Oscar Diaz. Upon meeting with Chief Diaz, the village became under siege by the Swarm. While Sgt. Marcus Fenix, Cpt. James Fenix, and 1st Lt. Fahz Chutani came to rescue, Cpl. Kait Diaz was captured by a Snatcher. Inside the Snatcher, Cpl. Kait Diaz was connected to the Hivemind by Myrrah and began to control the members of the Swarm - killing the villagers and her uncle. Cpl. Kait Diaz was released by Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpt. James Fenix. Her grief and fear then forced her to admit she had a connection with the Swarm and Locust. Sgt. Marcus Fenix felt that she could find answers traveling north to the New Hope Research Facility where the Locust began.

Cpl. Kait Diaz traveled to the New Hope Research Facility as well as the Mount Kadar Laboratory to learn that the Locust were created from the Sires, human children sick with Rustlung and spliced with the DNA of Hollow Creatures, and Myrrah, who was born with a genetic immunity to Imulsion. Cpl. Diaz also learned that a Hivemind was developed among the Locust and Myrrah, and that it passed down to Myrrah's daughter, Reyna. Cpl. Diaz then realized she was the granddaughter of Myrrah and the target to become the next Queen of the Swarm. In an attempt to disconnect herself from the Hivemind, she discovered Reyna was still alive and in doing so allowed Myrrah's preserved consciousness possess Reyna's body. While Cpl. Diaz disconnected herself from the Swarm - the Swarm then received their Queen in Reyna. Knowing the Swarm will only become smarter, stronger, and deadlier with Reyna as their Queen, Cpl. Kait Diaz argued for the Hammer of Dawn to come back online to defend themselves from the upcoming threat.

Hammer of Dawn Counterattack (42 A.E.)Edit

Damon Baird, upon further research on the files he found at Azura during the original mission to reactivate the Hammer of Dawn, he discovered that the Union of Independent Republics had managed to complete their version of the Hammer of Dawn shortly before the end of the Pendulum Wars, but were denied access to launch by Premier Yori Deschenko in order to the UIR-COG Armistice to be completed and avoid another century of war. However, the UIR's Hammer of Dawn could only be used within the vicinity of a targeting beacons rather than remotely by the targeting laser and satellite. Damon Baird then located the Hammer of Dawn satellites and beacons within a cosmodrome, OZP-11, in the red desert of Vasgar. Also in Vasgar was in an old friend of Damon Baird's, Garron Paduk, a former UIR soldier who was the leader of the Nomads, an independent group of Gosrani living in Vasgar. Damon Baird reestablished communications with Garron Paduk and planned for their mission to retrieve the Hammer of Dawn.

Meanwhile, the Swarm began to grow stronger. Because the Swarm finally had their Queen, they were able to construct their own armor and weapons, evolve their critical and combative thinking, and acted more strategically with the guidance of Queen Reyna. Weeks after the Mount Kadar Incident, Cpl. Kait Diaz, Lt. Delmont Walker, Cpt. James Dominic Fenix, and 1st Lt. Fahz Chutani arrived to Vasgar with Damon Baird and met Garron Paduk at their base of operations: Vasgar Air International. They were instructed to complete the rocket for the satellites by returning the nosecone of the rocket from the Train Turntable to the UIR Rocket Hangar. Delta then had to retrieve the Hammer of Dawn targeting beacons from the Cosmonaut Training Facility. Finally, Delta had to return the completed rocket to the UIR Turntable Launch Tower and launch the rocket. During launch, however, Delta was attacked by a large, Riftworm-like creature called the Kraken. Delta was able to hold off the Kraken and escape the facility before the rockets launched and incinerated the area. Queen Reyna witnessed the rockets taking off, and then pressed forward her plan of action by invading New Ephyra.

Delta then returned to New Ephyra where Damon Baird managed to hook up the Hammer of Dawn satellites. First Minister Jinn arrived to arrest Cpl. Kait Diaz and attempt to reintegrate her in the Swarm Hivemind to discover their secrets and a solution to end the war. Before anything could be done, the Swarm began the attack on New Ephyra by invading the surrounding area of the Old Ephyra ruins. Damon Baird then ordered the placement of the Hammer of Dawn targeting beacons at various locations throughout Old Ephyra. After placing all the beacons, however, the Kraken emerged and destroyed all three of them while Queen Reyna appeared and murdered a member of Delta Squad. Cpl. Kait rendezvoused with the rest of her squad and returned to the main wall of New Ephyra. The Kraken threatened the security of the wall, but JACK used itself as a targeting beacon to allow the Hammer of Dawn to destroy the Kraken. As the Kraken was destroyed, so was Old Ephyra. Sgt. Fenix then warned Cpl. Kait Diaz that Queen Reyna would return, but Cpl. Diaz advised that they find her first and destroy the Swarm's "Nexus."


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