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"Guys, that sounded like there were dozens of em'. Hundreds. Like a... like a swarm."
Delmont Walker to Kait Diaz and JD Fenix, after an attack on their village

The Swarm War, also called the Swarm Outbreak[1] was a planet-wide conflict between the Seran and Swarm races. The conflict began on 42 A.E. on the 25th Anniversary of the end of the Locust War. On Victory Day, the late Professor Adam Fenix activated the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon which was a targeted-radiation device aimed at destroying living cells infected with Imulsion. The weapon vaporized the Lambent race and destroyed Imulsion while all Locust creatures collapsed and began to develop an impenetrable crystal shell around their body. Unable to destroy the bodies, the surviving humans disposed of the Locust by dumping them underground in the mass burial sites. Around 42 A.E., the Locust crystal shells hatched and the evolved forms of the Locust known as Scions emerged. In order to rebuild their army and finish their work on destroying humanity and colonizing the surface, the Scions created the Swarm, a hivemind of creatures controlled by the Scions. The Swarm harvested all living organisms including humans and transformed them into soldiers for the Swarm army. The newly reformed COG and Outsiders began noticing the disappearances on both sides and discovered that their people are being taken and transformed by the Swarm, initiating the Swarm War.



Rebuilding the Army (42 A.E.)Edit

COG-Outsider Summit (42 A.E.)Edit

Emergence of the Swarm (42 A.E.)Edit

Hivebuster Offensive (42 A.E.)Edit

COG-Outsider Armistice (42 A.E.)Edit

Hammer of Dawn Counterattack (42 A.E.)Edit


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