Subway is a multiplayer map on the PC and Xbox 360 game Gears of War. It is one of the five maps that can be downloaded at no charge from Xbox Live's Marketplace. Subway is an underground train station with access to the streets above.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Longshot has a great view of the Boomshot spawn.
  • Spawning below ground is great, as you have access to both the Boomshot and the Torque Bow.
  • The small spot where the sniper rifle spawns outside is a great hideout, as you can run out and place a frag grenade at the outside corner from the spot and another frag grenade on the other side of the truck, then you can snipe into the subway interior, as it's unlikely someone will get close to you without you knowing. However this is a bad strategy against human players as one good frag grenade toss into that area leaves a very slim chance of survival.

Gears of War 2[edit | edit source]

Subway has been remade along with Tyro Station, Gridlock, Canals and Mansion for Gears 2 in the form of Download Content. In Subway 2.0. It is a very useful map for Horde, due to one special area. If you enter one of the subway cars, the one which is only accessible by vaulting, most types of enemies wont be able to reach you, most notably Boomers (and their varieties), Kantus, Bloodmounts and Sires. You still have to watch out for Grenadiers and Cyclops' though. (Hint submitted by MVT) The new Subway's overall appearance resembles areas of the game Fallout 3 because of the similar color pallette, falling ashes, and destroyed environment.

Whats New?[edit | edit source]

  • The rain storm environment is gone.
  • Water no longer leaks underground in the subway
  • The map is now in daylight
  • All nearby destroyed buildings have fire burning near the top
  • The fire releases ashes that cover the topside of the map
  • You can now shoot at some of the subway windows on the side of the building
  • The Boomshot is replaced with a Scorcher flamethrower
  • The main subway building is now slightly bigger
  • The old Van next to the sniper spawn has been replaced with an exploding semi truck
  • There are now wooden ramps in between the subway cars to get out of the gap slightly easier
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