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Submission is a multiplayer game mode in Gears of War 2.

Rules and Regulations[]

The object of the game is similar to single-flag CTF. Players on both sides must rush to a "flag", which is civilian character. The civilian cannot be killed, but must be downed and transported as a Meat Shield to the designated ring. Once the meatflag is in the ring for five seconds the team wins the round. Like any other meatflag, if the enemy team hits the flag enough, he will break free and start shooting again. Same as if the player carrying the flag gets knocked down by a smoke grenade. In these cases the meat flag must be shot at again to be downed. In public matchmaking, the win condition is two rounds. If someone scores with the meatflag 10 times in public matchmaking, they will receive the "Beat the Meatflag" achievement.


  • Submission is arguably the least popular and hardest game mode to play, given that nearly all players vote Guardian instead.
  • The "Meatflag" is hostile to all players, both COG and Locust alike. Meatflags are armed with shotguns, and thus should be downed from range with a Lancer or a Hammerburst. The meatflag cannot be chainsawed.
  • It is also a bit humorous to note, when taken by Locust he will say he has friends in the COG. When a Locust player drops him he is still hostile to COG players.
  • There are three Meatflags all from campaign: Hanley, Franklin, and Chaps.
  • Submission has the potential to be a very long match, and possibly indefinite as players prefer to go for points/kills rather than capturing the objective.

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