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Stumps were DR-1s possessed by Swarm Leeches. Perhaps due to the weight of the DR-1 and the amount of leeches possessing it, it has lost the ability to stand and instead must use an arm to move, the other arm used to wield its chosen weapon.


Evacuation of Settlement 2[]

The first Stump was found by Delta-One in the stage of The Palace Theater after raising the curtain, where it massacred the civilians and Gears that took refuge inside. This one was equipped with the Tri-Shot Chaingun.

Siege of Riftworm Village[]

As Swarm forces attacked the village, more Stumps joined the siege. This time, the Stumps not only had Tri-Shots, but one armed with the RL-4 Salvo was also found.

Second Mission to New Hope Research Facility[]

When Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker reached the New Hope Research Facility, they came across a Stump that was guarding the main entrance and were forced to destroy it to continue on.

Kadar Valley[]

Kait and Del fought another Stump on the way to the North Comm Tower while trying to locate the Mount Kadar Laboratory.

Vasgar Air International[]

Inspired by Nile's machine, Baird invented a new module for JACK, dubbed Hijack, and was tested on a Stump surrounded by targets and some Rejects, which were sent to Paduk's Nomads in the form of some DeeBees and Leeches.

In Combat[]

Stumps are dangerous foes for the unprepared. They have an arched position and remain so until disturbed, in which they'll move around on all fours.

They usually wield either the Tri-Shot Chaingun or the RL-4 Salvo. Stumps with the Tri-Shot usually lay down suppressing fire until the gun overheats, leaving them open for attack. These Stumps rarely move and are found on the ground. Stumps equipped with the RL-4 are more uncommon but can be found hanging upside down from elevated positions, such as platforms or ceilings, and close-in to the player after firing four rockets.

Stumps are also able to release some Leeches to flush out entrenched foes. If the player in to close to a Stump, it will raise one of its extremities and release an electric shock that can damage the player.



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