The Stranded Raid on Pelruan was an incident in which approximately 50 to 100 Stranded[1] attempted to attack the COG settlement of Pelruan. Members of Delta Squad, assisted by KR-80, KR-239, and an APC driven by Anya Stroud repelled the attack with no casualties, although some minor damage was done to the town. An estimated 60 stranded died in the raid,[2] including their leader, Massy.[3]

Order of BattleEdit


Delta Squad had arrived on the island the previous day with two King Ravens and the APC on a reconnaissance mission to see if Vectes Naval Base was habitable and whether local populations, if there were any, were hostile. Although friendly contact with the citizens in Pelruan was successful, the local stranded were antagonistic. Following a tense standoff, which almost escalated into a fire fight due to an exchange between Bernadette Mataki and one of the stranded, threats were exchanged and the gears returned to Pelruan. That night Mataki would reveal that one of stranded present had been part of a group who had once gang raped her, adding to the animosity.

The BattleEdit


The Stranded landing on the island while under fire.

At 0300 hours, Fenix spotted boats pulling up onto the shoreline and ordered them intercepted. Determining that occupants and stranded and that they were armed, the two King Ravens revealed themselves and ordered the stranded to surrender. A grenade was launched at KR-80 causing minor damage, and fighting broke out between the two forces. Some stranded made for the town and started fires, however Dominic Santiago and Damon Baird engaged and routed them from the settlement (with help from trained dogs possessed by the townspeople). In the meantime, three stranded Junkers (striped down variants of APCs) had also made for the town, but had been intercepted by Anya Stroud and KR-239, who destroyed them.


The gears suffered no injured or dead during the attack, in stark contrast to the roughly 60 dead stranded. Among them, although the Gears could not identify him at the time, was Massy, the stranded’s leader. The incident affected the Gears relationship with the Pelruan townsfolk, who were upset at the damage caused and that they had been ordered to not participate in the defense. The Stranded would think twice before daring to attack the settlement again however.


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