"Assholes. But at least we get to shoot to kill now."
—Cpl. Damon Baird, after finding the body of Dilland Jonty

The Stranded Raid on Merris Farm took place fourteen weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto.

Order of BattleEdit

Raid on the FarmEdit

An unknown number of Stranded attacked Merris Farm, which was owned by Dilland Jonty. They killed him and his dogs,[1] and set his house and barns on fire,[2] before retreating into the forest.

COG ResponseEdit

A King Raven that was on patrol spotted the blaze, and reported it to the CIC. The COG sent more Ravens to fly overhead, along with four Armadillos carrying six Gear squads, including Delta-One, and a fire truck. When they arrived, Sgt. Marcus Fenix directed the squads to spread out and find the Stranded who attacked the farm, while he and Delta searched for Jonty. The fire truck concentrated on putting out the house fire as the Gears searched. Pvt. Augustus Cole found Jonty's body, laid out with his dogs, each one shot and with their throat slit to leave a message. The Gears were angry, and headed out to join in the search for the Stranded. Marcus realized the COG was going to be forced to protect every isolated farm on the island.[3]


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