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Stim projector equipped on JACK.

Stim (short for stimulation) is a healing projector aid used by the Coalition of Ordered Governments to heal injured Gears from afar in the middle of combat, via stimulating their immune system, blood flow and muscle reflexes. While it could heal bullet wounds and minor injuries; against more serious wounds, it is less effective.

COG Medics often carry equipment that has Stim.[1] In the post-Locust War, Stim could also be found used on JACK robots. In Gears 5, Stim is the second upgrade for JACK, which allows Delta Squad to survive attacks and protects them temproraily in a shield-like overlay, not unlike those projected from a Barrier.[2]


Stim is the quintessential 'healing' equipment for JACK. It allows JACK to heal damage, make one temporarily invincible for a short time and even revive downed squadmates. This makes Stim one of the most crucial and important abilities, especially on higher difficulties.

Fully upgraded, Stim could even increase the strength of the user, making their melee attacks far stronger than usual. The upgrades for Stim are:

Stim upgrades.

Faster Recharge[]

  • Stim recharges 25% faster


  • Increases Stim duration by 2 seconds


  • Stim can revive downed members of your squad


  • Melee damage is tripled while Stimmed


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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Stim could be the Gears equivalent of an adrenaline shot.
  • It is unknown what Stim actually is. The Stim-Gas Grenade signify it is a gaseous healing agent, but the one on JACK is a projection of some sort. It may be that the Stim on JACK is a light projector based on the gaseous compound; a gaseous laser to say the least.
  • After the Evacuation of Settlement 2, JD is forced to wear a stim sleeve to keep his right arm intact and to minimize the pain of his inuries. Del can be heard talking to JD about the stim sleeve during an optional conversation in Vasgar after clearing some DeeBees from a loot cache near the Cosmodrome.

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