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"The path to your mother lies through me."
—The Speaker

The Speaker was a Scion who led the Swarm of the Tollen Dam Hive and was responsible for the abduction of Fort Umson's inhabitants including Reyna Diaz in 42 A.E. A former Locust of presumably great importance, the Speaker was a step above other Scions: Physically imposing, powerful and intelligent enough that he could speak fluent Tyran.[1]



While it is unknown what Drone class that the Speaker belonged to, he most likely participated in the Locust War and/or Lambent Pandemic, and like all of the other Locust are "killed" when the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon was activated.

Appearance of the SwarmEdit

On the night after Reyna's Outsider village repelled a COG attack, the Speaker led an assault on the village, being guided to it by Myrrah's consciousness. He found Reyna and personally attacked her. While she was able to sever one of his hands, he easily overpowered her with his massive size and brute strength and abducted her after he knocked her unconscious while his fellow Swarm brethren captured the majority of the other villagers.[2]

JD later took a chunk of crystal from the severed hand which would help them discover the Swarm and it's origins.[2]


The Speaker was encountered again as JD Fenix, Kait Diaz, Delmont Walker and Marcus Fenix attempted to escape from the Tollen Dam on their way to the abandoned town of Speyer to call for reinforcements. Kait notices his severed arm and realizes that the Speaker was the one who took her mother. The Speaker tells them that "she is where she belongs", just as a Swarmak arrives, personally piloting it.[3]

In the ensuing battle, the Speaker is assisted by Swarm reinforcements. However, he is defeated after JD uses the dam's generators to shock the Swarmak and allowing it's blisters to be destroyed. Upon the Swarmak's death, the Speaker is thrown onto the ground where he noticed a Boomshot lying in front of him and scrambled to get it, but is dragged back by JD and Del who aim their Lancers at him.[3]

Kait speaks directly to the hive mind of the Swarm, declaring that she is coming to wipe them out and save her mother before violently curb stomping him.[3] Following his death, the Speaker kept appearing in Kait's nightmares.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Speaker is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.[4]
  • The Speaker shares the same model with the Scion Elite multiplayer character and the Scion Buzzkill enemy in Horde mode.



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