The South Islands were a chain of islands south of the Seran continent.


Conquest and colonizationEdit

The native South Islanders lived in their homes for generation before the COG conquered their islands and allowed the "Northerners" to immigrate and colonize the islands. Some of the Northerners adopted the local customs of the Islands.[1]

Pendulum WarsEdit

Four years before Emergence Day, when the South Island of Irohma Island was attacked by the UIR and the local population was massacred, the 26th Royal Tyran infantry was sent to battled the Indies.[2] The South Islands contributed to the war effort like any other COG nation, and their greatest contribution was snipers.[3]

Locust WarEdit

After E-Day, most of the major islands were hit and the minor ones were spared. It was difficult for the Locust to dig their way up into the smaller islands and the local population would escape to sea if the Locust attacked.[4] After the death of Chairman Tomas Dalyell and the succession of Richard Prescott to the position of Chairman, only the South Islands were willing to contribute soldiers to Prescott's offensive aganist the Locust Horde in southern Tyrus.[5] Unfortunately, no other COG nation were willing to help save Tyrus, the heart and soul of the COG, forcing Prescott to use the Hammer of Dawn in a global scorched earth attack. The major South Islands were torched while some of the minor ones escaped the destruction, only to be cut off from the world. For eight years, a small group of Gears protected Noroa which was untouched by the Hammer strikes but was invaded by the Locust sometime afterwards. Eventually they and the fifteen remaining civilans abandoned the island for Galangi which was on the other side of an abyssal trench and thus unreachable by the Locust, leaving it intact.

Notable IslandsEdit

Major CitiesEdit

Notable South Islanders and NorthernersEdit

The population of the South Islands was divided between the native indigenous population and the Northerners, caucasian immigrants from the mainland.

Behind the scenesEdit

The South Islands are based off the Pacific islands, mostly Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, and Polynesia, with different cultures from island to island. While the Northerners speak with a Commonwealth English like Pad and Bernadette, Tai and his tribe are based off polynesians.[9]


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